Notes of November: Indie Music of the month

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, life, and mental health from artists like Akshath, The Western Ghats, Ashu Shukla and many others.

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November witnessed some of the most soulful and hard-hitting releases by various artists. Here is a list of Indie music of the month for you to tune in. 

From soulful music to some rhythmic strings and from a great story to amazing visuals, many Indie songs were out this month. We have curated a list of renditions that can make it straight to your playlist. So, raise your hands for the artists who make their way to the Indie Music of the Month with their newly released songs in November.

1. Roshni by Bharg and Chaar Diwaari 

Music Producer turned Singer-Songwriter, Bharg Kale along with musician Chaar Diwaari released his latest single Roshni as a part of his new album NIKAMMA. Roshni is an upbeat take on this feeling where someone who is lost is trying to find their light and a way out of their internal slump. The song is a visual treat with a fun beat and playful chorus but conveys the message aptly. 

2. Truman Show by Nikitaa

Singer-songwriter Nikitaa's latest release Truman Show offers a poignant reflection on societal issues and personal struggles. The song delves into her intimate experiences, notably the friendships lost after revealing her genderfluid identity earlier this year. The artist shares her story of being unwittingly cast into a societal role, akin to the protagonist in the film Truman Show.

3. Chandni Raat by Ashu Shukla 

Ashu Shukla has poured the emotion of love in his new release Chandni Raat. The writer is in dilemma whether the person he loves is in front of him or is a dream on a night when the moon shines. Is the year-long wait of meeting his love over and is it still just a delusion that keeps his hope alive? 

4. Khoya by Akshath and Rovalio 

Why does getting lost feel like the only right thing when we adore someone? Khoya by Akshath and Rovalio is an admiration of the loved one and how their eyes and words make everything special. The notes of the song are soothing with a pop that strums like a guitar in the mind.

5. 4Three4Life by Vijay DK

Rapper Vijay DK released his debut album 4Three4Life this month. This album pays homage to Vijay DK's formative years in the suburb of Eastern Mumbai - Mankhurd, represented by the area’s pin code, 43. The six-song album paints a poignant picture of the streets' raw narratives and daily struggles with songs like Vijay DK In The House, Sarvasva, Warning (featuring Kalam Ink), Chaar Teen Ki Toli (featuring Andy Sirdard, D.E. Sidd, Vijay Dada, Wesco) and more. 

6. Kutta by Aditya Bharadwaj 

Kutta by Adita Bharadwaj is a unique take on a friendship. The song is full of playfulness and infectious enthusiasm with a catchy beat. Here the writer refers to his friend as mischievous as a dog but also the one who stands beside him in every situation. 

7. Filhaal by The Western Ghats and Alyssa Mendonsa

To live in the present is the way to happiness. The new song of the music band The Western Ghats with the singer Alyssa Mendonsa is a perfect representation of that. We all have certain grudges and shortcomings in our life but it is how we learn to forgive and forget that and live in the present. The song with its euphonic music states that just don't wait for the right moment and make the moment right with whatever your heart desires for something and someone because today is a gift. 

8. Udta Parinda by Iqlipse Nova

Udta Parinda is a song about a carefree approach to life. Iqlipse claims it to be single's anthem as he conveys the emotions of being single and happy in his life at the same time. He feels he is a free bird after his experience in love life and finds a way to rejoice in life with his own companionship. 

Udta Parinda by Iqlipse Nova Filhaal by The Western Ghats Filhaal by Alyssa Mendonsa Kutta by Aditya Bharadwaj 4Three4Life by Vijay DK Khoya by Akshath and Rovalio Chandni Raat by Ashu Shukla Truman Show by Nikitaa Roshni by Bharg Roshni by Bharg and Chaar Diwaari newly released songs in November