Melodies of May: Indie Music of the Month

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, life and heartbreaks from artists like Raveena Mehta, KL Pamei, Karthik Rao and many others. Check out the 'Indie Music of the Month' playlist for May.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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newly relese indie mongs in may

From soulful music, and rhythmic strings to heart-touching stories and amazing visuals, many Indie songs released this month had it all. This list of renditions will make it straight to your playlist especially if you're looking for something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or on weekdays while getting home from work. Check out this 'Indie Music of the Month' list for some newly released songs in May.

Umarien - Azadd

'Umarien' by Azadd is a soulful ballad that poignantly explores life's journey. Through poetic lyrics and a haunting melody, 'Umarien' navigates themes of introspection, gratitude, and acceptance. This song invites one to reflect on the passage of time and the value of self-awareness, leaving a lasting impression with its raw honesty and emotional depth. Through this song, Azadd encourages listeners to embrace their journeys and find beauty in every moment, even the imperfect ones.

Na Ja - Raveena Mehta

‘Na Ja’ is a heartfelt tribute to the complexities of long-distance love by singer Raveen Mehta. The song is an ode to people who have experienced long-distance relationships, the longing, the melancholy, and the maturity it requires. Raveena has tried to fuse Eastern and Western musical influences with a Hindi R&B/Soul rhythm in it. 

Na Rahi - Shreya Jain 

'Na Rahi' is an anthem for anyone who has experienced the pain of a failed relationship but found strength and gratitude in moving on to a brighter future. Through its evocative lyrics and soulful melody, the song captures the essence of self-discovery, empowerment and the courage to let go of what no longer serves one's happiness. 

Better Man - KL Pamei

'Better Man' is an English song by singer and songwriter KL Pamei from Nagaland. It immediately takes you to a calming state with its tune that is all about a man who has changed ever since someone special came into his life. Everything falls into place just because of the presence of that one person is what the singer wants to convey through this melodious song.

Fizool - Siddhant Bhosle

Inspired by my childhood fascination with all things space and astronauts, 'Fizool' takes you on a cosmic journey. Capturing the bittersweet feeling of missing the one you love, especially when you're far away from them, this song is a reminder that all the small challenges don't really matter. It will all be worth in the end.

Baith Lo - Karthik Rao 

How we all are stuck in our mundane time and have no time to free ourselves from the everyday routine. 'Baith Lo' by Karthik Rao talks about breaking this routine and sitting for some time without thinking about anything else. It's how everybody in Mumbai is eager to catch the exact local train at the same time every day but the writer urges us not to worry about that one day and just sit for a while relaxing. This song which has a blend of classical music with a modern beat talks about taking a break and spending time with someone you love. 

Shor Hai - Ashish Zachariah

Lost days and forgotten promises always break your heart. Such is the song Shor Hai's lyrics and the idea of noise on an empty road with beautiful music transforms you to reality. The song with slow music and beautiful strumming of the guitar talks about waking up in reality and breaking off all the merry thoughts and promises that are made. This is a slow song with a deep topic by Ashish Zachariah that will resonate with most of the listeners.

SNAP - Cheema Y Ft. Gurlez Akhtar

Snap is a Punjabi song by Cheema Y and Gurlex Akhtar about a healthy fight between two partners. The girl in the video complains about the boy always forgetting her but remembering things to flex around to others. This is a playful sing with a hint of a cute quarrel between two people who are in love by the Punjabi singers. 

Mashuka - RUTVXK, Somanshu and Nikhita Gandhi 

This song calls for all dance enthusiasts and party fanatics. If you are looking for a fun, hip and snazzy song to take over the club, Mashuka featuring RUTVXK, Somanshu and Nikhita Gandhi is the perfect song to end your search. This is a fun, peppy and vibrant track that lends style, substance, and swagger.

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