June is to Jam: Indie Music of the Month

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, life, heartbreaks and social problems from artists like Arish B, Kapow, Vijay DK and many others. Check out the 'Indie Music of the Month' playlist for June.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Indie music of the month june 2024

From soulful music and rhythmic strings to heart-touching stories and amazing visuals, many indie songs released this month had it all. This list of renditions will make it straight to your playlist, especially if you're looking for something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or on weekdays while getting home from work. Check out this "Indie Music of the Month" list for some newly released songs in June.

Bemausam Baarish - Ashwin Adwani 

Monsoon season arrives and it rains songs on 'Baarish.' But this one is not based on rain literally. It is a song about heartbreak by Ashwin Adwani. It asks the question if the writer is important to their partner or if they are inutile like a Bemausaum Baarish (unseasonal rain). The writer feels that the relationship they had matters nothing to them now as they have parted ways and he is an uninvited guest living in their heart. 

Cham Cham Karti Baarish - Abhay Jodhpurkar, Antara Mitra & Rangon Chatterjee

'Cham Cham Karti Baarish' is a beautifully composed Indie-Pop song. The song captures the essence of the monsoon with its lush instrumentation, featuring a delightful blend of various instruments. The lyrics perfectly complement the melody, painting a vivid picture of the monsoon's charm and romance where a lover sings an affectionate song for their loved ones. 

Chaukhat - gini 

Chaukhat is a slow and painfully amiable song by gini. She narrates the story of an unfinished love story. It explains the feeling of partying away with someone. It's when everything feels dull and dark when someone is near to you but not with you. The lyrics and composition of this song are deep and hold onto one's emotions. 

Dil Doon - Arish B 

The tunes you hymn, the presence you feel and the love you garner are all different when you admire someone. The feeling of everything around you turning pink in love when you see that one person is described very beautifully in this song. The other person makes the writer all happy and content only with their presence and makes them forget all their worries. 

Keep Me Here - Radha 

It's after a long wait when you meet someone who makes you feel loved you would want them to be with you forever. Radha in this rendition urges them to stay with them no matter what because they make her happy. It's that feel-good song that you would want to listen to when you never get enough of spending time with someone and always long for more.

Ghadi Ghadi - Kapow 

Time stops, people leave, but do memories fade? Probably not, as this song by Kapow suggests the pain of losing your loved ones and not getting to see them ever again. As time passes, that person's presence doesn't fill the void and you can't stop but reminiscence the memories you had with them. With deep meaning, this song flows with time, both lyrically and melodically. 

Saat Rang - Soham 

Saat Rang strikes a chord with its intervened lyrics and soulful melody. It praises the beauty of that person who glows through every phase. They are light to everyone's life and shine through cloudy days. When the seven colours of the rainbow meet together they make a person like them. This song gives a different vibe altogether with strumming music but soothing lyrics. 

Title Kya Doon? - Vijay DK and MC Altaf 

Vijay DK and MC Altaf's Title Kya Doon? reflects the ongoing struggle to define an identity that goes beyond societal divisions. It delivers fast-paced bars that tackle the universal theme of humanity transcending caste, creed, and religion. 

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