Artistic April: Indie Music of the Month

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, life and heartbreaks from artists like Faheem Abdullah, Utsavi Jha, Pulkit Jain and many others. Check out the 'Indie Music of the Month' playlist.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Indie music of of the month april

From soulful music, and rhythmic strings to heart-touching stories and amazing visuals, many Indie songs released this month had it all. This list of renditions will make it straight to your playlist especially if you're looking for something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or on weekdays while getting home from work. Check out this 'Indie Music of the Month' list for some newly released songs in April.

Desert Soul - Prateek Gandhi 

Desert Soul by Prateek Gandhi is a song where two souls wander, connected through the threads of destiny and reincarnation. In this enchanting tale, the protagonists are bound not only by the vast desert landscape but also by the echoes of their shared past lives. Despite their familiarity with one another's essence, they have yet to cross paths in their current existence. This song brings together traditional folk sounds from Rajasthan with modern electronic elements, creating a unique and immersive experience.

Rehna Duur - Akash Kaushal & Prateeksha Srivastava

Rehna Duur by Akash Kushal and Prateeksha Srivastava is a soulful indie song that talks about the efforts we all make when we are in love with someone. Despite knowing the response from the other person we keep longing for their attention in the hope to find their love back someday. And this is what happens at the end of this song when the female singer responds with a message of loving back. The rendition beautifully captures the melodies of both the singers and delivers it well. 

Ishq - Faheem Abdullah, Rauhan Malik & Amir Ameer

Ishq by Faheem Abdullah, Rauhan Malik and Amir Ameer is a song about a lover and a beloved story. The enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics of this song represent one more track from the album "Lost;Found". The message of love and longing is clear as the writer portrays it through the medium of song. 

Tu Wapas Ajaana - Nikita Bharani 

Nikita Bharani's latest release, 'Tu Wapas Ajaana', is a soul-stirring melody that serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of hope amidst the pain of lost love. With its haunting lyrics and heartfelt composition, the song will resonate deeply with people who have loved but lost it at some point in time. The composition of the song offers solace to those who have experienced the ache of separation.

9999 Miles - Aamir Rizvi 

Far away yet so close or close yet so far away is the dilemma this song by Aamir Rizvi puts you in. The singer reminiscences the old days they spent with their partner and how they miss them. But was it their mistake or mine is the question that still ensues in the writer's mind. Irrespective, they want the lost moment back so they can be at peace with them once again.

Tasveer - Pulkit Jain 

The biggest gift of being human is our capacity to express, absorb and feel love. With deep love, what naturally surfaces is the idea that - loss is inevitable. The writer believes that grief is what all of us experience at some point in time. How we process it is completely unique to each one of us. But we do. All those precious beautiful memories, usually in the form of a “Tasveer” are what bring this song to the light.

Piya - Utsavi Jha 

Piya" by Utsavi Jha is a song about expressing feelings in a way that touches the heart. It captures the euphoria of being in love, where everything feels rosy and you can't help but mention your beloved in every conversation, feel their presence with every breath, and see them reflected in your eyes. The song delves into the complexities of the heart when they're not around, yet finds solace and rejuvenation when they're in your arms, as conveyed in its closing lines.

Tehelta - Rosha, Jakhar & ANG-R

Tehelta is a rage rap song by Rosha, Jakhar and ANG-R. The song is about creating a storm with words and battles that pertain to the rap world. The rappers with their strong bars and flow switches captives to the bold feelings of the listeners. 

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