February Fusion: Indie Music of the Month!

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, life and heartbreaks from artists like Harish Budhwani, Heer, Kasyap and many others.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Indie music of the month

February witnessed some of the most soulful and hard-hitting releases by various artists that made it to our 'Indie Music of the Month' playlist. Check it out!

From soulful music, rhythmic strings to a great story and amazing visuals, many Indie songs released this month had it all. This list of renditions will make it straight to your playlist especially if you're looking for something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or on weekdays while getting home from work. Check out this 'Indie Music of the Month' list for some newly released songs in February.

1. Rait ki Tarah - Ashwani Gupta 

Everyone has their own meaning of life, but one thing is common and that is the fact that no matter how hard we try, we can never be in complete control of our life because “rait ki tarah he toh hai apni zindagi" (our life is like sand). Ashwani tries to convey that everybody has different worries in life but it is the perspective that makes it better. So the next time you feel lost or stressed about your life just play this song because this song is a reminder to embrace the journey called 'life'.

2. My Realisation - Aamir Rizvi

My Realization by Aamir Rizvi is a song about regret. The writer is no longer with the person he used to love and feels he was not enough for them. The realization that everything he did for them was not enough, or perhaps didn’t mean anything, left him in grief. Aamir’s melodious vocals, combined with soft music, make it a painfully beautiful song.

3. Khwab Tum - Harish Budhwani

When one falls in love, there are so many delicate emotions that you want to express but it becomes tricky, especially when you're navigating these feelings for the first time. Khwab Tum by Harish Budhwani portrays that it is painful and beautiful at the same time. The essence of the song is reflected in Harish’s voice and that makes it even more special. 

4. Shaamo Subah - Kasyap 

Shaamo Subah is a heartfelt message from a boy to his partner that expresses a certain kind of love - a love that only wants to give without asking for anything in return. Kasyap simply tries to convey his feelings for them and melodically describes their beauty. This is a feel-good song that must go into your playlist if you vibe to this genre. 

5. Lafz - Shirish 

Lafz by Shirish is a song about hesitating to portray true feelings, whether knowingly or unknowingly. It addresses the inability to express one’s truest thoughts and emotions because the words used often fall short due to a loss in translation. What makes this song unique are its audio and visual effects. It is a moody and cinematic piece, enriched with tasteful synths and a thematic bassline.

6. Khoyi Rahun - Heer

Khoyi Rahun offers a fresh sound with a groovy hook, highlighting contemporary dating and portraying the various personalities of someone experiencing instant attraction towards another person. It explores the feeling of being enchanted by the object of their affection and how they fill their dreams with love. If you're a fan of R&B music, this song will make you groove while understanding the lyrics simultaneously, thanks to its infectious beat.

7. Raaton Mein Ojhal - Antara Ansuna

Raaton Mein Ojhal by Antara Ansuna reminisces about memories with loved ones. The passage of time has changed everything, and they no longer meet as they once did. The writer hopes to have those conversations under the tree once again when the time is right, and they don’t have to worry about anything.

8. Sheher - Praagya 

Sheher delves into the theme of independence and self-reliance, emphasizing the notion of relying on oneself without dependence on others. It reflects on the common experience of losing love in life and longing for its return, questioning whether that return will ever materialize. The song illustrates the painful dynamic of sacrificing everything for someone only to be betrayed in return. The lyricist questions whether it's worth asking for love from a higher power without having to make significant sacrifices once more."

9. Love Talk - Rubal Sikka

This one is a Punjabi banger from Rubal Sikka. Drawing inspiration from the captivating tropical islands, Rubal encapsulates the essence of his travels in a way that transcends traditional musical boundaries in this song. This is another feel-good Pop and RnB song that can be added to your playlist. 

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