Jingles of January: Indie Music of the Month

Here is a curation of some recent Indie music releases on topics like love, heartbreaks and nostalgia from artists like Anurag Mishra, Shreya Jain, BAWA and many others.

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Indie music of the month of january

January witnessed some of the most soulful and hard-hitting releases by various artists that made it to our 'Indie music of the month' playlist. Check it out!

From soulful music, rhythmic strings to a great story and amazing visuals, many Indie songs released this month had it all. This list of renditions will make it straight to your playlist especially if you're looking for something to listen to on a Sunday afternoon or on weekdays while getting home from work. Check out this 'Indie music of the month' list for some newly released songs in January.

Jiya Jaise - Raghav Kaushik and Nikhita Gandhi 

Indie sensation Raghav Kaushik and the playback powerhouse Nikhita Gandhi, join forces to create a magical love potion ‘Jiya Jaise’- a vibrant and heartfelt love anthem. This song delves into the nuances of first love in the digital age, where a connection is just a click away, yet the complexities remain timeless.

Kabhi To Aana - Yashraj Shaw

Kabhi To Aana by Yashraj is about how impactful an acquaintance can be. When you meet someone, you vibe with them and then you get on with your life but that person and those moments stay with you for a long long time if not forever. This soulful composition dives into the profound impact of those brief connections, echoing the sentiments of those memorable encounters that linger in our hearts.  

Tham Zaraa - Anurag Mishra 

Anurag Mishra presents Tham Zaraa, the first video song from his new original album "Rang" which consists of seven songs. Tham Zaraa is a story of how serendipity works. It is a gentle reminder that sometimes wrong paths lead to the right destination. The song beautifully drives the vocals into a classical kind of vibe and emerges as a soulful melody with great storytelling.

Jaadu Tone - Shreya Jain

Jaadu Tone is Shreya's 8th individual release and her foray into Punjabi music. The song encapsulates the feeling of being in love and getting lost in the person, forgetting everything else around you. Jaadu Tone means 'black magic' in the literal sense but here it reflects the magic of love that the lover casts on the songwriter. The switch from hard rock music to a soft tune really makes the song stand out. 

Khul Ja - Zariya

The music composition of Khul Ja has a surprise element in the middle of this song. This one talks about the lover being upset about something but he's reluctant to talk to the writer. It's a cute quarrel between the two and the latter asks the former to open up and start talking, leaving behind the agony. 

Tum Kahan - Twinkle Aggrwal 

How does it feel when you love someone with all your heart but you are the only one standing on the path of love? Tum Kahan by Twinkle Aggrwal is a reflection of her one-sided feelings for someone. She is still the same person that she was before and her love for them hasn't changed but will she get back the person who used to love her before?

Jaane Kyu Diya - Prateeksha

Jaane Kyu Diya by Prateeksha is a song about lost love. When one person gives their all and still can't make that person happy, they eventually have to leave them for their betterment. The song is beautifully sung by Prateeksha as she depicts that she had to forgo her love unwillingly despite giving all her heart. 

Feelings - BAWA

Heartbroken in love BAWA composes a rap for his ex. No matter how much you give to that person, it is never enough; you also end up breaking your heart in love. This is what the song is all about! The rapper melodically raps the verse capturing the right feelings after a breakup and how it has left him alone with a scar.

Oh My - Nida 

If you stumble upon someone whom you have loved in the past, how would you feel? Oh My by Nida is a bitter yet nostalgic incident that delves into that. The singer notices their ex-lover on the streets and all the memories they've shared play like a flashback. The song conveys a mixed feeling about whether leaving them was the right decision or not. Were they happy before or are they now?

Laaye Mohabbat - Archit Tak 

Discover the deep feelings weaved throughout Laaye Mohabbat by Archit Tak which tells the moving story of a wanderer, who, after encountering many challenges and exploring places around the globe, comes to the doorstep of his beloved. This poignant song, despite many twists and turns, captures the victorious ending of an unwavering search for love. 

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Laaye Mohabbat by Archit Tak Oh My by Nida Feelings by BAWA Jaane Kyu Diya by Prateeksha Tum Kahan by Twinkle Aggrwal Khul Ja by Zariya Jaadu Tone by Shreya Jain Tham Zaraa by Anurag Mishra Kabhi To Aana by Yashraj Shaw Jiya Jaise by Raghav Kaushik and Nikhita Gandhi