Meet these 5 Hindi Comedians who inspire a generation!

In recent years, Indian entertainers have come up with their distinct tastes and voices. These are 5 such Indian comedians who are also rising stars.

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The stand-up scene has recently seen a wave of performers. Keep scrolling! To know more about Stand-up artists extracting humour from a range of themes like everyday struggles of teenage, love, and relationships to inspiring themes that empower social change.

In recent years, Indian entertainers have come up with their distinct tastes and voices. These are 5 such Indian comedians who are also rising stars. They make you laugh and bring forward an unconventional yet progressive perspective in Hindi that reaches every Indian's heart in the language that is most commonly spoken.

1. Navin Noronha

Comedy isn’t just about funny jokes but can also be a platform for empowerment and social change. In recent times, India’s comedians from the LGBTQ community have displayed that quite well. Navin Noronha is one such queer comedian. Acts from the House of Noronha, tickle your bones while hitting you hard with reality regarding social acceptance. He is clever and witty and often plays with words, yet he can be outrageous and direct at times to prove a point. He does all of this, while still being likeable. 

Genres: Queer, Satirical, Offensive, Wordplay.

2. Madhur Virli

Madhur's comedy comes from the heart of a childish teenager who also retains a rare sense of maturity, which is unique as it is unlike the usual rebelliousness of a teenager. He adds a lively and optimistic twist to the joys and struggles of our teenage years through popular themes like relationships, puberty, sexuality, love, and popularity. In other words, he dives into the very core of our teenhood. Some might make you applaud, while others might make you go "Did he just say that?". However, you will find them all relatable to the most confusing years of our lives when we’re just trying to figure ourselves out. His acts are great for people of all ages, but a must-watch for teenagers. Watching Madhur Virli on his shows or online platforms is a whole coming-of-age experience with a comic twist.

Genres: Observational, Sarcasm, Dark, Sexist, Teen, Anecdotal.

3. Sejal Bhat

Signifying a curious, and satirical voice, Sejal Bhat brings to the table, unconventional experiences and ideas that seem to empower womanhood. Her acts question stereotypes and she does so with some class. Sejal’s acts are for you, if you get the difficulties faced by women, tackle those problems daily, all by wearing your heart on the sleeve.

Genres: Observational, Feminist, Satirical, Heritage, Anecdotal.

4. Deepak Sharma

We have been through comedians performing on themes of teenage dilemmas earlier in this article. Sharma deals with a similar dilemma but in a young man’s world. Going by the alias of Sharma Ji ka Ladka, Deepak Sharma’s act “The First Secret” which is now available on YouTube presents you with the perspective of a youth who feels challenged and overwhelmed, and often feels the need to criticize the government, his career, status, and relationships, along with a general feeling of what seemed to be his most precious years are slipping away. Yet, he’s so casual about it. If you want to learn how to not take life too seriously, you need to catch Deepak Sharma.

Genres: Observational, Satirical, Offensive, Youth.

5. Abhishek Upmanyu

If these upcoming comedians don’t make it to your heart, then Abhishek Upmanyu is sure to tickle your funny bones. Upmanyu is a well-known name in India’s stand-up scene. His acts are… well, it depends. They may be as humble and likeable as himself or outright satirical. His acts are a combination of self-deprecating humour and traditional slapstick. He doesn’t shy away from being critical of himself in different environments. Refreshing and positive, his self-deprecation encourages vulnerability in his audiences, while the satire gently strikes your ego.

Genres: Self-deprecation, Pity humour, Observational, Anecdotal.

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