Meet Sheena Rani: The Scientist Behind Agni-5 Missile With Multiple Warheads technology

Aditi Nag
New Update

Sheena Rani, the scientist behind the Agni-5 Missile With Multiple Warheads technology, has spearheaded the 'Mission Divya Astra,' as announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the immense success of Chandrayaan-3, India is now gearing up for 'Mission Divya Astra.' On March 12, India successfully tested the Agni-5 missile, equipped with multiple warheads technology. Leading the mission was Sheena Rani, a scientist and Associate Director of the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) Advance Systems Laboratory (ASL).


Rani, born in Thiruvananthapuram, was raised by her mother following the loss of her father during 10th grade. She pursued her engineering education at the College of Trivandrum (CET) and spent 8 years working at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

The 57-year-old scientist, recognized for her pivotal role in challenging defence capabilities, is affectionately known as 'Divya Putri,' meaning Divine Daughter. Rani commenced her journey in missile technology at DRDO in 1999, following the Pokhran-2 nuclear test. Since then, she has played an integral part in the Agni Mission Programme, contributing to its various variants. Rani is involved in several units at DRDO, developing different subsystems of the Agni Missiles and ensuring their health before launch.

She draws inspiration from India's 'Missile Man,' Dr. Kalam, who also began his career at ISRO, and acknowledges Dr. Avinash Chander, a renowned missile technologist, for his guidance and mentorship. Rani's husband, P S P R Sastry, who also worked at DRDO, supports and inspires her remarkable journey.

The first flight test of Agni-5, equipped with multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) technology, boasting an indigenously developed 5000 km range, was launched at A.P.J Abdul Kalam Island near the Odisha coast. This milestone places India among elite nations, including the UK, the US, Russia, France, and China, with comparable capabilities. This development underscores India's commitment to advancing indigenous defence technologies and solidifying its position as a major player in the global defence arena.

Rani's significant contributions and immense efforts in propelling India to new heights are commendable. Her groundbreaking work for the effective growth and development of the defence system showcases the nation's prowess in developing cutting-edge missile technology.

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