Mumbai Indians reveal stylish new men’s team jerseys with kit partner Skechers

Official Kit Partner of Mumbai Indian, Skechers revealed the men's team jersey designed by fashion designer Monisha Jaisingh ahead of the new IPL season.

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Following the recent announcement of Skechers, The Comfort Technology Company®, as the Official Kit Partner of Mumbai Indians with a reveal for the women’s team, the brand has unveiled a line-up of stylish new jerseys for the men’s team. The new jerseys form part of the Skechers branded Mumbai Indians match kits, which also encompass training attire and lifestyle apparel to be worn by both women's and men's teams. 

The exclusive jerseys for the Mumbai Indians men's and women's cricket teams have been designed by acclaimed fashion designer Monisha Jaisingh. Adding a dash of flair to both the men's and women's teams, this collaboration signifies a momentous step in fusing fashion with the spirit of cricket.


Inspired by the vibrant hues of Mumbai Indians' iconic blue and gold, Jaising has designed a men’s team jersey that will stand as a symbol of steadfast dedication and allegiance. It features the initial M placed in a grid format on an Art Deco pattern with a play of thin and thick lines reflecting a geometry that’s precise and clean. The royal blue which signifies confidence and strength, combines with imperial blue to exude empathy and dependability - all emotions that stand true for the Mumbai Indians and its fans. Gold details harness energy and power from the sun through a racing graphic along the sides of the jersey that emphasizes the powerful torso of a champion player.

Fashion designer Monisha Jaisingh shared her thoughts about the design, "It is this very essence that I have tried to capture in the design, inspiring both players and fans, knowing that they carry with them the heart of Mumbai and Mumbai Indians.”

Rahul Vira, CEO of Skechers Asia Pvt. Ltd., added, “After the positive reception for our women’s reveal last month, we are thrilled to build on our partnership with Mumbai Indians with the men’s kit.” 

Expressing enthusiasm for the men’s jerseys from kit partner Skechers, a spokesperson for Mumbai Indians said, “As our players don the iconic blue and gold jersey colours, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of our ‘MI Paltan'.”

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