Srikanth Bolla, first visually impaired entrepreneur, "Aa Rha Hai Sabki Aankhein Kholne!"

Blind entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla's journey from breaking stereotypes and defying societal norms to pursuing management studies at one of the best Universities globally is an inspirational movie out in cinemas this May. Keep scrolling!

Aditi Nag
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From a man breaking stereotypes in the real world to his biopic trailer breaking the internet, Srikanth Bolla is the first international blind student in Management Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the first visually impaired entrepreneur who was a Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and CEO of Bollant Industries.

Born visually impaired into a farmer's family in Seetharamapuram, Machilipatnam, a city in Andhra Pradesh, in the year 1991. His parents received advice to abandon him due to his visual impairment. Embarking on a commendable journey of achieving milestones, the 32-year-old will surprise you with his accomplishments as destiny led him elsewhere.

He pursued business management science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, though he was keen and determined to study computer science. His ambition to be an entrepreneur and a future leader marked a pivotal moment in his life. One of his ambitions was to become the President of India. After his 10th grade, he wanted to pursue science, but the coaching institutes denied his admission because of his visual impairments. Bolla filed a case, and after a six-month wait, he was allowed to pursue science at his own risk. Bolla topped his class with a 98% on his 12th board exams. After immense hardships, he was offered admission to four top international universities after facing rejection from IIT coaching institutes due to his blindness.


Srikanth Bolla is a Director, CEO, and the founder of Bollant Industries Pvt Ltd, established in December 2012 under the larger mission to create employment opportunities for millions of differently-abled people, who are mostly uneducated and unskilled. It produces eco-friendly disposable products and packaging solutions for manufacturers out of natural leaf and recycled paper. The company is based in Hyderabad, Telangana. Bollant Industries' major objective is to employ differently-abled people and also help in environmental restoration by producing products that would encourage everyone to say no to plastic.

In a post on Instagram, he wrote, "I feel surreal and humbled that the day is approaching when my story will become a part of your life. Scheduled for release in cinemas on May 10th." Aap sabka nazariya badalne aa raha hai Srikanth."

The trailer gained a massive fandom and positive response. Starring Rajkumar Rao in the lead role Jyothika in a supporting role as Srikanth's teacher, and Alaya F plays his love interest. The compelling story starts with Srikanth expressing his ambition to become India's first visually impaired President. The film delves into Srikanth's passion for science, his aspirations, and his endeavours to make the Indian education system more inclusive for visually impaired students.


Srikanth expressed his gratitude to the filmmakers on Instagram. He wrote, "When I witnessed this trailer being played on a big screen, I felt deeply emotional as my whole life flashed in my head. It was five years ago when Tushar Hiranandani got interested in my story, and he had to approach me very persistently as I felt too insignificant and even skeptical to have someone interested in my story, and that too a biopic. I was just a boy in my 20s. Yet today, along with Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani and Bhushan Kumar, he brought together one of the greatest teams."

"When I was in school, my teachers recorded lectures for me on cassette tapes made by T-series that helped me learn all my lessons, and today life has taken such a circle that the same company is taking my story to the whole world. I am still processing this new reality because this trailer has just made me realize the huge responsibility to live up to the expectations of lives I touch for the rest of my life.

"These snippets of my life evoke a flood of emotions in me. I am sure that the challenges I have overcome and the triumphs I witnessed will serve as a reminder of resilience in our human spirits. But beyond myself, I feel a deep sense of gratitude towards the talented individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to bringing my narrative to life. Their passion and commitment to authenticity are truly commendable."

"I hope that this trailer sparks a sense of inspiration in others. If my little story can serve as a beacon of hope for those facing similar obstacles in life, then the purpose is fulfilled.

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