Local Samosa Secret Santa Giveaway: Here's how we can make your loved one happy!

Local Samosa is ready to become the Secret Santa for your loved ones. Just fill out a form and help us deliver happiness to them in the best way possible with our Secret Santa Box..

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You are right! There is no particular occasion to showcase our affection and warmth to our loved ones; we all like go an extra mile to pamper them with gifts and presents just to see that one smile on their faces! But the urge to make them happy, especially during extravagant festivals like Christmas, is not something we want to let go of; that is why we are here. Before you guess, let us tell you that Local Samosa is more than ready to be the 'Secret Santa' for your special people and as the festival knocks on the door, it is time for you to hurry up with us. 

So, How Do We Shower Presents You Ask?

To make the festival more lively for you, Local Samosa is inviting each one of you from across the country to fill out a form, the link to which is given here with the details of the loved ones who you want us to be the Secret Santa for. Out of all the names received, Local Samosa will randomly pick up a few names and will give the gifts to the names recommended by you! 

As we talk about the gifts, we are sure you would want to know what would be inside the delightful gift boxes. Well, check these out below!

Raspberry & Hibiscus Dark Chocolate by Pascati


Can there be gifts for a celebration without chocolates? Well, we don't think so and hence, want your loved ones to experience this sweetness with Raspberry Hibiscus, an organic vegan chocolate by Pascati. This is a gluten-free chocolate, with 60% Cocoa made without any preservatives used. So, this is a guilty pleasure one would not like to miss. 

Christmas Cloche Jar Candle by The Maeva Store 


Talking about Christmas and not mentioning some good fragrances, candles are just not allowed. Hence, we have decided to make space for this beautiful Christmas edition candle with the delightful scent of the candy cane which is kept in a beautiful antique-styled cloche. It has a fresh woody base of pine along with a silver tinkle to offer the absolute Christmas vibes!

LemonGrass Diffuser Oil and Lavender Diffuser Oil by The Bare Bar


As we mentioned, it is important to spread sweet fragrances during festivities. Hence, we would like you to also send these oils for their diffusers. Starting with Lemongrass, it is antibacterial and antifungal, helping to spread a sweet-smelling fragrance in your house. Another treasure in the gift box will be the much-loved fragrance, Lavender, for their diffuser. Lavender also helps relieve headaches and nausea, making this festival stress-free for them!

Colourful socks by Bonjour 


Just as Christmas celebrations are incomplete without chocolates, candles, and fragrances, so is the inclusion of vibrant and colorful socks essential! Alongside these, consider adding a nostalgic touch with colorful socks by Bonjour, reminding them of the childhood joy of putting on socks and eagerly anticipating gifts from Santa. Therefore, we've included some bright pairs by Bonjour.

Dark Choco Chip Cookies by Gaia


Dark Choco Chip could be the finest addition to the gift box as it offers a guilt-free snacking option for everyone. So, let them indulge in the crispy and crunchy Gaia Dark Choco Chip Cookies that are made with multigrains like millet, oats, and whole wheat, and baked with delicious dark chocolate chips. It contains no cholesterol, no trans fat, and is high in dietary fiber. It is a guilt-free munching option for the cookie connoisseurs or your loved ones!

Include some beautiful personalized messages along with the gift box by writing your message on the form, and we will ensure that both your message and love reach the person along with the gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Click here and get ready to surprise them with this cheerful gift box, specially curated to bring a smile to their faces!

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