Local Round-up this week: April 28 to May 04

Here comes this week's Local round-up from April 28 to May 04 with the latest news from India's spice adulteration to witnessing rains and a sudden climatic change in May. Keep scrolling to stay updated.

Aditi Nag
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Local Samosa is back with this week's Local Round-up from April 28 to May 04, covering all the latest local news. The round-up discusses everything from the recent heatwaves experienced by the nation to wildfires leading to destruction in Uttarakhand. Stay with us for the newest updates, as we keep you informed.

15 tonnes of Fake Masala seized by Delhi police


After a recent controversy regarding a cancerous pesticide exceeding the permissible limits in masalas, Delhi police investigated and found 15 tonnes of fake masala. Wood dust was found in the masala being manufactured at two factories and arrested three persons. 

Wildfires in Uttarakhand led to Destruction of Lives


A raging wildfire in Uttarakhand has taken lives. As per reports, it claimed that 5 lives have been lost in 3 days including a 28-year-old woman. The destruction led to the suspension of the Adi Kailash helicopter darshan service for the second day in a row, which began last month. Even Naini-Saini airport has stopped operating due to low visibility in the fire-induced haze.

125 of 800 lakes dried up in Bengaluru


Bengaluru has been facing extreme heat and humid climatic conditions this year. Around 125 lakes out of 800 in Bengaluru dried up, whereas, according to the estimation, 25 more lakes to empty soon. Due to the severity of the summer this year, only a good spell of rain in the next two weeks could save them.

Delhi Experienced the Hottest Day of the Year


According to the India Meteorological Department, Delhi witnessed the hottest day of the year on May 5th. The temperature clocked at 41.1 degrees Celsius with extreme heat waves which was two degrees above normal and a one-degree rise from the day before. 

Bengaluru Witnessed Heavy Rains after Scorching Heat


After two weeks of extreme weather conditions and heat waves, Bengaluru was blessed with heavy rains. The temperature was a consistent 38 degrees and above for over a month. The city is finally a respite from the summer heat and received showers along with thunderstorms.


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