Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda Teams Up with child prodigy Pooja Bishnoi

Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda has roped in Pooja Bishnoi, a 12-year-old child prodigy, a fast-bowling cricketer, and an athlete to promote its preservative-free Chyawanprash, an immunity booster.

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Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, popular in manufacturing Ayurvedic preservative-free natural products, has announced a collaboration with Pooja Bishnoi, a 12-year-old child prodigy, a fast-bowling cricketer and an athlete par excellence. Pooja Bishnoi has been brought on board by Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda to endorse its preservative-free Chyawanprash, an immunity booster made with 45 Ayurvedic herbs following the traditional process.


This comes close on the heels of Krishna’s recent collaborations with celebrated artists like Anang Desai, Jayanti Bhatia, and Apara Mehta. The latest collaboration with Pooja Bishnoi is an effort to reach out to the younger generation and their parents. Shrawan Daga, Founder of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, beamed with happiness on the occasion and said, “Pooja Bishnoi is an epitome of how allowing kids to pursue their interests may help them achieve unimaginable goals. She is an inspiration not just for the youngsters, but also for the parents who believe in letting the children follow their dreams. Given her fitness and achievements as an athlete, she is most suitable to endorse our preservative-free Chyawanprash which is an Ayurvedic immunity booster."

Pooja Bishnoi will be associated with the company for a year and promote Chyawanprash through social media engagements about the product and the company. “Being an athlete, I understand the importance of building immunity as we need to practice every day irrespective of the weather. Changing weather often leads people to fall sick, something that an athlete cannot afford. Hence, using preservative-free Chyawanprash is the best way to build immunity and not compromise on practice sessions,” she said.

Krishna’s Herbal &  Ayurveda’s Chyawanprash is packed with the goodness of more than 45 essential herbs and minerals prepared especially in A2 desi cow ghee.


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