Indigenous Combat: Indian Army Vehicles Manufactured by Indian Companies!

The Indian army uses various combat vehicles for daily and special operations and many of them are designed and built by Indian companies. From Mahindra's Marksman to Tata's WhAP, see the list of Indian Army vehicles.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Indian Start-up Flying Wedge Defence and Aerospace Technologies unveiled India’s first indigenous bomber UAV. The FWD-200B is a domestically developed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Although this is India’s first indigenous unmanned combat aircraft, the country has a few brawny ground combat vehicles built by Indian companies like Tata and Mahindra. Let’s have a look at some armoured and troop-carrying vehicles made for the Indian Army. 

Mahindra LSV (Armado)


The Mahindra LSV Armada is a Light Specialist Vehicle (LSV) designed for military and paramilitary applications. It was built by Mahindra Defence Systems, offering mobility and versatility for various operational needs such as patrolling in high-tension areas, border security, and raids in open or deserted areas. 

Features: The ALSV provides protected mobility for the front, side and rear as per STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast for four crewmembers with battle load having ample stowage space for arms and ammunition inside the crew compartment and additional 400 Kgs cargo load-carrying capacity. It can also be upgradable up to STANAG – II Ballistics. The ALSV’s key characteristics include the powerful 3.2 Lts, 215 HP multi-fuel diesel engine with 4/6 Speed Automatic Transmission, 4X4 with front and rear differential locks, 1,000 Kgs payload capacity, self-recovery winch, and high travel all-wheel independent suspension with central type inflation system.

It also comes with Detachable and Adjustable Modular Racks, an Automatic Grenade Launcher, a Medium Machine Gun Mount, a Blast Mitigation Floor Mat, Tactical Command & Control with Mapping and other mounts. 

Mahindra Marksman


The Mahindra Marksman is a light-armoured vehicle designed for law enforcement and paramilitary applications. It offers protection against small arms fire and explosive devices while providing mobility and versatility for various urban and rural operations useful for special forces operations and quick reaction teams.

Features: It provides B6-level ballistic protection for up to 6 (4+2) against defence, paramilitary and police personnel. It also has Surveillance / ECM /C&C Configuration, Blast Mitigation Floor Mat, Fire Suppression System, Remote Controlled Weapons System, Laser Range Finer and other features.

Mahindra MEVA ASV


The MEVA Armoured Specialist Vehicle (ASV) is a pick-up style armoured personnel carrier (APC), offered in Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) and Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) versions. 

Features: It is equipped with 360 degree ballistic protection shell providing the perfect solution for defence, paramilitary and police forces operating in inner-city and off-road rough terrain environments. It comes with 11 (3 + 2 + 6) seats, B6 protection, runflats, a turret and gun mount with 360 rotation. Providing additional options like Stealth Mode (Blackout Option), Gun Ports, Electric Winch, Bio-Hazard kit, Blast Mitigation Floor Mat and more. 

Mahindra Meva Straton


The Mahindra Armoured Straton is a light armoured personnel carrier (APC) built on a monocoque design. This LAP carrier offers ballistic protection up to B7 level protection for 8 (2+6) defence, paramilitary and police personnel. It is designed to provide maximum protection to military forces, SWAT, law enforcement agencies, peacekeeping organisations and police units in urban and off-road environments while maintaining economical MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) options.

Features: The five-side armouring of the passenger compartment (roof and verticals) provides protection up to and against 7.62 x 51mm NATO ball ammunition and 2 x DM 51 grenades. It also has a cupola turret machine-gun mount with 270° rotation, Stealth Mode (Blackout Option), Tire Inflation System, Infrared lights, Fold Up or Blast Attenuating Seats and other features. 

There is also a higher version of this vehicle with the name 'Straton Pro' which comes with a CEN BR7 or STANG IIIa protection level and some additional features like a Fire Suppression System. 

Tata Wheeled Armoured Platform (WhAP 8x8)


Tata Advanced Systems’ flagship product, WhAP 8x8 (Wheeled Armoured Platform) is India’s First Amphibious Infantry Combat Vehicle (Wheeled), designed for optimised survivability, all-terrain performance and increased lethality.  WhAP was designed jointly with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). 

Features: This vehicle has critical technologies like Integrated Power Packs with Automatic Transmission, Floatation and Propulsion. Its modularity and scalability help this platform to be easily customised to cater to various missions and operating condition

Tata Armoured Personnel Carrier with Mine Poretcetion in 4x4 


The Armoured Personnel Carrier with mine protection in 4×4 Configuration, is developed to serve as a mine-proof troop transport vehicle, a law enforcement special response vehicle to counter insurgency, or an escort protection vehicle. It comes with mine protection and enhanced cross-country mobility for quick response during emergency situations. 

Features: It has a capacity of up to 14 people: driver, commander and 12 crew members and comes with features like blast protection of 14 or 21 kg depending on the variant. The ballistic protection in this combat vehicle can be adjusted according to the mission. It is the first and only APC in India certified for CMVR compliance to enable use by State Police and Paramilitary forces.

With inputs from Mahindra Armored and Tata Advanced Systems.

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