From rise in Ghee to K-food, Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 unveils key culinary shifts

The report highlights a shift in the Korean food culture in India while also forecasting that the number of women is likely to grow in the coming times.

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Godrej Vikhroli Cucina, a curated, brand-agnostic, owned media platform, hosted a  highly anticipated 'Godrej Food Trends Report 2024' at the glamorous Godrej L'Affaire 2024. The report, under the theme ‘Provenance’, explores the rich tapestry of India's food culture, delving into the diverse origins of ingredients and India’s culinary practices.

Tanya Dubash, the Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer of Godrej Industries Limited unveiled the seventh edition of the report among food enthusiasts of which Malaika Arora was also a part.  


The Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 convened over 190 thought leaders from diverse culinary backgrounds, including celebrity chefs, bloggers, and nutritionists who shared their insights on the comprehensive trends cited in the report.

In an ever-evolving culinary landscape, the theme of 'Provenance' signifies the exploration and amplification of the depth and diversity of Indian cuisine, it not only connects us to the origins of our food but also highlights the need for sustainable practices that preserve our culinary heritage. The report also throws light on conscientious eaters who seek transparency and authenticity and gravitate towards products that champion the values embedded in their journey from farm to plate.

According to the report, Experts forecast that 92.3% of travellers will join Culinary site tours to enrich their travels through authentic culinary encounters while the bar scene in 2024 will be illuminated by dedicated menus around Indian-origin spirits by 82.7%. It also highlights that Korean food culture will grow while the preference for ghee will rise in the coming times. The report also forecasts that women will play an important role in the industry; from regional custodians to food entrepreneurs, chefs, bartenders and brewers, women will finally get due recognition for their contribution to shaping Indian gastronomy.

Commenting on the 2024 edition of the report, Tanya Dubash - Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, said, “The Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 marks another milestone in our quest to spark conversations and identify trends in the food industry. Consumers are getting savvier about their diets, focusing on mindful nutrition. With a focus on Provenance, this edition celebrates India's rich culinary heritage and invites readers to explore the myriad flavours and cultures that define our nation. I am confident that readers will be captivated by the depth and diversity of insights offered within this edition, further solidifying India's position as a global leader in the realm of food and gastronomy."

Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Managing Director of Perfect Bite Consulting and Curating Editor of the Godrej Food Trends Report, set the stage for the 2024 edition as she said " In India, provenance is guiding our most relevant conversations around food. This interest in provenance is also translating into real growth for the F&B industry. The traditional plate, once dictated primarily by seasonality and local bounty, is now being driven by a quest for flavour. I am optimistic that the Indian food industry will prove to be a benchmark for empowerment and innovation in the years to come. Just as each dish in a multi-course meal tells a story, each section of the Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 invites readers to savour the insights and flavours of our diverse food culture."

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