Free Food For Voting? Restaurants in these states are actually making that happen

You should definitely check this out if you are yet to vote for the upcoming elections because restaurants in your state might give you free food for voting.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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free food for voting

From free drinks to free clothes, you might have come across several freebies given to people by political parties for casting their vote and that is all for the benefit of the political parties. But if we tell you that the restaurants also provide discounts and free food items just to encourage voters to show up, wouldn't it come as a surprise to you? Well, this Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will see something unique from food chains of different states offering free food items for voters but conditions apply!

Earlier this week, on April 19th, when voting took place in the state of Chennai, voters in the Chengalpattu district could receive a 5% discount on the food they ordered at eateries, with the only condition being that they had to have cast their vote. Chengalpattu district collector S Arunraj said that the initiative was aimed at encouraging voters to participate. When purchasing food, voters had to show the indelible ink mark affixed to their fingers after casting their votes to avail the discount.

Similarly, people who turned up to vote in Uttarakhand received a 20% discount on their food bills on April 19th and 20th at hotels and restaurants affiliated with the Uttarakhand Hotel Restaurant Association. This initiative was a joint collaboration between the election commission and the UHRA to encourage voter turnout. This incentive has also been implemented in some other states yet to conduct voting, so be sure to check them out.

Free Food and Discounts in Karnataka 


The Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association in Karnataka’s Bengaluru had filed a petition to serve complimentary food to all the customers who cast their vote which was permitted by the Karnataka High Court. Every voter who shows the indelible ink mark on their finger will get free food items in all the restaurants by the association. The court said that there shall be an interim order permitting the petitioner association and its members to distribute complimentary/free food to voters on April 26, 2024, in Bengaluru, subject to the condition that the petitioners shall not violate the model code of conduct. 

Mr. Philly’s, a burger shop off Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road is also offering a discount of 30% on their burgers and milkshakes to the first 100 people who show their votes on 26 April. 

Deck of Brews, a brewpub in Kadubeesanahalli in Bengaluru, will also give one free beer to the first 50 customers who show their inked finger on 27 April, a day after the polling date.

All the outlets of SOCIAL in Bangalore will offer their customers a discount of 20% for a week long. The only process to follow is that the customers need to have a bill from the restaurant before the election which can be shown on any of the outlets after the voting day for a week and they can get a discount on their next meal.

On election day itself, bakeries and food establishments such as Kamat Hosaruchi and Iyengar's Oven Fresh will give voters a 10% discount. However, certain locations, such as Cafe Udupi Ruchi, will be offering complimentary mocktails. In addition, Hotel Nisarga Grand will provide complimentary fruit juice, ghee ladoo and butter dosa.

Free Poha, Jalebi and Ice creams in Indore 


The famous food shop, 56 Dukan in Indore has decided to give free poha and jalebis to the voters who show their indelible ink marks at their Chaat Chowpatty outlet. This scheme comes with a condition that all the voters who cast their vote between 7 am to 9 am will be able to avail the scheme. However, senior citizens casting their votes during this period and youth voting for the first time will be served free ice cream along with poha and jalebi at the Chaat-Chowpatty shop by 56 Dukan.

Democracy Discount in Noida 


Noida is also offering something called ‘Democracy Discounts’ for voters who cast their vote on 26 and 27 April. Citizens who show their ink mark at the partner restaurants under the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) will get a 20% discount on the food ordered on these particular days. 

20 plus restaurants such as Desi Vibes, Kaffiiaa, I Sacked Newton, De Valentino Café, Noida Social, Getafix, Osteria, Chica Loca, F Bar Noida, Xero Courtyard Gardens Galleria, Dirty Rabbit, Baby Dragon, Trippy Tequila, Cafe Delhi Heights, Ching Singh, Paso Noida, Moire Cafe & Lounge, The Beer Café, Sky by Swagath, 'Imperfecto, and The Patiala Kitchen are already onboard for this initiative to boost voting in this area. 

Lok-Sabha elections 2024 Free Food in Karnataka Democracy Discount in Noida Democracy Discount Free Poha Jalebi and Ice creams in Indore Chaat-Chowpatty shop by 56 Dukan