67% Indians prefer makhana and dry fruits as the go-to healthy snacks: Farmley Healthy Snacking Report

Farmley, the unveiled first-of-its-kind Healthy Snacking Report 2024 at the first Indian Healthy Snacking Summit held in the National Capital.

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In its bid to examine the evolving consumption trends in India, Farmley, the unveiled first-of-its-kind Healthy Snacking Report 2024 at the first Indian Healthy Snacking Summit held in the National Capital. Mapping the ever-evolving consumer trends and factors driving the growth of healthy snacking in India, the wholesome consumer trend report highlights that a majority of Indians want to make the switch to healthy snacking, marking a pivotal shift towards conscious consumption. However, 58% of those surveyed have highlighted high retail costs as a barrier to switching.

Makhanas and dry fruits have emerged as stars in the healthy snacking segment, with 67% reaching out for a bowl of these nutrient powerhouses. In a true testament to the growing popularity of makhanas in India, 59% millennials called it their trusted snack, followed by Gen Z (49%) and Gen X (47%), indicating its popularity across people of all ages. Additionally, over 70% revealed that their favourite time to snack was with their evening cup of tea/coffee.


The report was created through a detailed survey of 6,000+ people across India, including representatives from all age groups — boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z.

Commenting on the report's findings, Akash Sharma, Co-Founder of Farmley, said, “Through the Healthy Snacking Report, the aim is to map the constantly evolving tastes and preferences cutting across age groups, regions and professions. The future of snacking in India hinges on striking a balance. Consumers crave deliciousness, prioritize health and are increasingly mindful of the environment, too. India’s next big snacking revolution is fueled by taste, health and a nation of discerning empowered snackers.”

The Healthy Snacking Report 2024 further reveals that 73% of those surveyed prefer to read labels for ingredient lists and nutritional value before making a purchase. Of this, 93% expressed a desire to transition to healthier options, highlighting a correlation between label reading and conscious choices while pushing for transparency.

The report was released against the backdrop of an increasing number of cases regarding food adulteration that have come to the fore, be it in spices, dry fruits, confectionaries or fast-moving goods. This has triggered a wave of conscious consumption, with shoppers checking food packets for potentially harmful substances, as per the survey conducted for the Healthy Snacking Report 2024.

Another key trend highlighted in the report is the increasing population of wellness-conscious eaters, with nearly 60% opting for natural, additive-free products with wholesome ingredients like nuts, seeds and whole grains, indicating a shift towards healthy snacking.

Flavour profiles, too, have undergone a perceptible change. While millennials and Gen Z prefer bolder flavours like peri peri, the older generations find comfort in classics such as salt and black pepper. Also, the report highlights that 39% of people snack twice as much on weekends as compared to weekdays.

With 9 out of 10 respondents looking to find healthier alternatives to traditional snacks, the snacking industry in India is at the cusp of a health revolution. While taste remains king, a wave of health consciousness seems to have swept the nation, with more consumers shunning mindless munching for wholesome, nutritious options.

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