KLING your glasses as Bengaluru welcomes newest beer chugging spot KLING Brewery

KLING Brewery's new launch in Bengaluru aims to redefine the craft beer experience by infusing it with vibrant culture, nostalgic camaraderie and global cuisine.

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Guzzle down the stress of a long workday with exceptionally crafted beers soon to be launched at Bengaluru’s newest offering KLING Brewery. The flagship outlet at Church Street is an ode to the city’s beer-loving community. It aims to redefine the craft beer experience by infusing it with vibrant culture, nostalgic camaraderie and global cuisine.

Reminiscent of the 90s pub culture and mindful of the inclination towards aesthetically pleasing places, the ambience of KLING fervently caters for both. With the anticipated launch of craft beers soon, it promises to deliver exceptional flavours to cheer and chug down. Waltz into live music nights, sway as you sip your cocktails and be a part of fun events that make your evenings worthwhile. No celebration is small when you are at KLING to ring it in! 

Its interiors blend modern elements with rustic charm. Eye-popping art and decor accentuate the place. The use of natural materials, patio seating surrounded by plants, and effervescent corridors all reflect the careful attention and sleek craftsmanship in doing up this space. 


A chilled beer session needs complementing snacks and starters to bring a change of palette. KLING aces this aspect with its menu a flavourful exploration of global cuisine. Begin with their signature KLING nachos or crispy kanda bhajjiya. The tandoori soya chaap, ulta pulta chicken, chicken pouch dumplings, and paneer tiranga kamaal are sumptuous starters. For those who love tantalizing spices try their curried mango chicken wings, Kundapur ghee roast and kung pao chicken with dry red chilli. Don’t miss out on the beer-battered prawns, a super-hot dish that's sure to ignite your taste buds! Dive into a world of flavour with this latest addition and experience culinary bliss like never before. Leave with sweet lingering from the tender coconut jelly or tiramisu. For those who love exploring cocktails, sip on "Lankan sour", "cafe koko", "sea shore bliss" and "B-town breakfast" or a glass of Negroni. 

The KLING Group is ambitious to expand its presence across Bengaluru and beyond. When its crafted beers gather all the deserving love, the founders are even keen to explore bottling and kegging their drinks. So, patrons can enjoy its unique flavours at home or across establishments. KLING Brewery has got on a marvellous start with an illustrious vision to not only provide a backdrop for a round of beers but also cherish the community ethos of the beer capital’s traditions. 

Founders Raghavendra Nayak, Karthik Mangalore Namdev, Harsha Melanta, and Manjunath SP resonate, “At KLING, our focus is on delivering unrivalled craft beers and making our contribution to enrich the city’s culinary and beer landscape. We want to resonate with discerning palates and create a space where even a casual chilling session with your friends or family turns into a memorable experience. We aim to cultivate a sense of community, ensuring KLING becomes a cherished gathering place for locals and travellers.” 

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