A Homegrown Affair at the Ambani's Pre-Wedding Bash!

From wedding curators to caterers and from invitation designers to local brands here is a list of homegrown brands and artists that were seen at Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebrations.

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Here is a list of homegrown brands and people that put up the grand show at Ambani's pre-wedding celebration with their allure, ideas and executions. 

In the past few days, the entire nation has been busy witnessing the big fat pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani, Director of the Boards of Jio Platforms Limited, and Radhika Merchant, Marketing Director at Encore Healthcare. We were bombarded with numerous celebrity posts and glimpses of the festivities, but amidst these starry spotlights, we noticed some local brands that shone at the pre-wedding extravaganza. These homegrown brands were part of this grandiose event and took 'vocal for local' to another level.

Invitation Card by Itchha Talreja Designs

The beautiful pre-wedding invitation was made by Itchha Talreja Designs in association with Manish Malhotra with synergies from various people. The designs were made by Shambhavi and Jasdeep Singh. Designed for the grandest pre-wedding affair, the invitation mirrored Mrs. Nita Ambani’s vision. The chintz motif showcased mangoes, inspired by the mango orchards at Vantara, while heart-shaped parrots symbolized the essence of courtship. The event, titled 'Evening in Everland,' featured fountains, peacocks, and a glasshouse. 'Walk on the Wild Side' unfolded within the Vantara rescue centre in a tent, surrounded by animals that harmonized with the surroundings. 'Tusker Trails' immersed guests in afternoon splendor amidst mango orchards, surrounded by gentle giants. The grand finale, 'Hastakshar,' showcased diverse temples, with the pinnacle being the inclusion of the family’s cherished banyan tree, standing tall as a symbol of enduring heritage and pride.

Decoration and Production 

Mela Rouge by Omung Kumar and Team 

The grand Mela Rouge at the pre-wedding bash was conceptualized and designed by Omung Kumar. The design epitomized opulence, unveiling the monumental windmill and other elements that made the night eventful. The decor was done by Blue Lotus Creatives, Vanita Omung Kumar, Rita Shetty, Vivek Bhalerao, Amar Lahire and Manish Malhotra. The floral arrangements were done by Decor By Dinaz, Inter Flora and Flower Lab India and lighting by Lead Group, Eran Klein, Shiamak Davar, Omer and Star Dimensions

Event Set up

Event curation, coordination, design, event management, experience management, wedding curation, and set design were carried out by Seventy Event Management Group along with Seven Steps Wedding, Sumant Jayakrishnan Design, Amrita Mahal, Three Entertainment, Afreen Wedding Services, Amaahyaaj and Jeff Leatham.

The stage and floor management was done by On Cue Productions.

The logistics and technicals of the event were handled by DNA Entertainment Networks on all the occasions across the 3 days. 


The catering services were looked upon by Foodlink Catering, Gyanjee Caterers, DIVA Restaurants by Ritu Dalmia, Indian Accent, CCI Delhi, Sage & Saffron Boutique Catering Services and Little Gian Greens. 

The Hospitality Lounge Partners for the pre-wedding festivities were Blue Sea Catering & Banquets


Lovely tents were made for the guests to stay for the three-day gala. These tenets were made by Marwar Tents in collaboration with Rama Tent House, Knotie Productions, Bhawani Singh Tent Club, Maharani Florist, Clinch Home, Rentastic and others.

Wall Decor by Devika Narain & Company and My Space of Joy

The wall decor on the accomodations of the guests was graced by Devika Narain & Company and My Space of Joy along with Rogan Designs

Duffle Bags by Bombay Artisan Co 

The Duffle Bags given to the celebrities and guests at the event were designed and made by Bombay Artisan Co. The bag had an enchanting design of Vantara with a trolly that made it easier for the guest to carry it.

Brands and Activities at the Vantara Niwas

Apart from the brands and people directly involved in the curation of the event, many homegrown brands were invited to set up their stalls and sessions for the entertainment and relaxation of the guests. Here are some of the brands that were spotted there:

The Tiny Clay

The Tiny Clay had set up a pottery workshop at the event where the guests could practise the art of pottery for fun. 

Sarvesh Yoga

There was even a yoga session for the relaxation of people. The wellness session conducted by Sarvesh Sahsi was attended by many celebrities and guests. 

The Wedding Bartenders 

There was a fizzy delight for those who like to have some booze with a bar from The Wedding Bartenders

The Perfume Bar 

Guests were also indulged in making their own perfumes and scents. The Perfume Bar was the one behind this fragrant activity. 

Papa Cream 

A popsicle booth was set up for the guests to beat the summer heat by Papa Cream.

Overall the grand affair saw a lot of Local brands, artists, and people from various backgrounds. It truly takes everybody's small efforts to make such events a grand success and we feel these people have just done a fabulous job and deserve a mention.

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