Aman Verma to showcase India's GI-Tagged Treasures in the new show 'Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan'

Titled ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan,’ the show will feature a host of experts, farmers, and producers (GI certified) from different parts of the country.

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Two-time National Award-winning filmmaker Satish Pande is set to bring a new show to Indian audiences, focused on showcasing products that have received Geographical Indication (GI) tags from various states and regions of India. 

Titled ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan,’ the show will feature a host of experts, farmers, and producers (GI certified) from different parts of the country who will share detailed information about these unique GI-verified products. The veteran Indian actor Aman Verma, known for his charismatic hosting on popular shows like ‘Indian Idol,’ ‘Zee Cinestars,’ and ‘Khulja Sim Sim,’ will be the host of this promising new show.


Scheduled to air on Doordarshan’s flagship channel, DD National, every Saturday at 11 am with a re-telecast at 4 pm, ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan’ aims to provide an entertaining and informative experience for viewers. The show, which premiered on 6th July 2024, endeavours to connect audiences with India's rich agricultural, handicraft, and cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of preserving these invaluable treasures.

A GI tag, or Geographical Indication tag, is a certification that authenticates a product as originating from a specific region and possessing unique qualities or a reputation due to that origin. These tags play a crucial role in preserving the cultural heritage and identity of various regions. The initiative to promote GI tags was launched by the government of India in 2004 and has gained significant momentum under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership. The Ministry of Commerce has a dedicated department that registers and promotes GI-verified products, with over 500 products already certified.

Satish Pande, known for his insightful and impactful storytelling, has consistently brought important issues to the forefront through his work. With ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan,’ Pande aims to celebrate India's rich cultural heritage and honour the hardworking individuals behind the country's GI-verified products. Pande explains, “As a filmmaker, I couldn't be more proud to showcase the diversity of India in the form of GI-tagged products. As it gives authenticity to an item from a particular place and many growth opportunities. This initiative by the government of India is crucial for preserving our cultural heritage. Through this show, we aim to highlight the stories behind these unique products and honour the hard work and dedication of the farmers and artisans who have brought these products to the far corners of the country and abroad.”

‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan’ will delve into the diverse and rich heritage of India's GI-tagged products, from agricultural produce to handicrafts and traditional goods. Each episode will feature in-depth discussions with experts who will provide insights into the history, significance, and production processes of these items. Farmers and producers will also share their personal stories, challenges, and triumphs, offering viewers a glimpse into their lives and the importance of their work.

The show aims to create awareness about the value and significance of GI-verified products, encouraging viewers to support and preserve these cultural treasures. By highlighting the unique qualities and heritage of these products, ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan’ seeks to foster a deeper appreciation for India's diverse cultural landscape.

Aman Verma, with his extensive experience and engaging presence, is the perfect host for ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan.’ His ability to connect with audiences and bring stories to life will add a unique charm to the show. Verma's enthusiasm for the project is palpable, as he looks forward to showcasing the rich tapestry of India's GI-tagged products and the people behind them.

Don’t miss ‘Atulya Bharat Ki Amulya Nidhiyan’ on DD National every Saturday at 11 am, with a re-telecast at 4 pm. Join Aman Verma, and a host of experts, farmers, and producers as they take you on a journey through India's invaluable GI-tagged treasures.

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