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Ganpati festival feels incomplete without dancing to the beats of dhol tasha. Some of the biggest bands in town leave the public in awe every year, but here are six Dhol Tasha bands in Pune that are loved by people. 

Dhol Tasha bands are traditional Indian percussion ensembles known for their vibrant and energetic performances during various festivals and celebrations, especially in the state of Maharashtra. Musicians of all genders, ages, and professions come together to create a musical spectacle unlike any other. So let's dive into some of the famous Dhol Tasha Pathak groups in Pune.

1. Aawartan Dhol Tasha Dhwaj Pathak, Nigdi


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Located in Nigdi, Aawartan Dhol Tasha Dhwaj Pathak is one of the most enthusiastic Dhol Tasha groups in all of Pune. The group is huge in number, and everyone is allowed to play the instrument of their choice, the dhol or the tasha. Proud of their dedication and passion, this group inspires those who want to learn Dhol or Tasha in the future. Make sure you catch them playing at the next Ganesh festival.

2. Ugam Vadya Pathak Trust , Manik Baug 


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The Ugam Vadya Pathak Trust, located at Sinhagad Road, is a famous Dhol Tasha group in Pune. The group never fails to charm the audience with their charismatic and lively performances. Ugam Vadya Pathak Trust is known for its discipline and way of teaching and supports active participation. You can join them free of cost to learn a new skill or support them as a crew member.

3. Shaurya Dhol Tasha Pathak, Sadashiv Peth


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The thrill and energy of this group are unmatchable as per local people. Situated in Rajendra Nagar, Shaurya Dhol Tasha Pathak is well known for its zealous performers. Their coordination leaves the crowd astonished and stunned. Every year, they take in new students who want to learn the art of dhol/Tasha or just want to be a part of the grand celebrations.

4. Rudragarjana Vadya Pathak, Hingne khurd


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Rudragarjana Vadya Pathak, in Hingne Khurd, is a Dhol Tasha Pathak, which is another group you can't miss out on. The clan holds a record for playing at many mache temples around Pune, including Kasha Ganpati, Dagdusheth Halwai, and others. Year after year, they deliver the most soulfoul performances like none other. Do you want to make the time of festivities more enjoyable? Do you have a passion for performing musical instruments? Join them.

5. Shivgarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak


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Shivgarjana Dhol Tasha Pathak has performed in more than 100 Ganesh Festivals, Navaratri Utsav, and Diwali festivals. With each year, their performances reach new heights, because of utter discipline and rigid practice sessions. Catch their powerful performance, during this Ganpati visarjan as a treat to your eyes.

6. Naadbrahma Dhol Tasha Dhwaj Pathak Trust, Hingne Khurd


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One of Pune's oldest and most renowned dhol-tasha pathaks, Naadbrahma, is known for its tirelessly energetic performances. A group of youngsters initiated this trust to earn income from their performances. Every year, the group opens admissions for new players interested in joining their activities. If you would like to be a part of the festivities, connect with them. Participation is free of cost.

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