Ideas to Tie the knot in eco-friendly wedding

Check out these eco-friendly ways to celebrate your wedding. From sustainable clothing to gifts, everything is kept to keep the environment healthy.

Ishita Ghosh
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eco friendly wedding

India celebrates weddings like a festival, therefore making an effort to celebrate in such a way that has minimal environmental impact sends a strong message. Here's your guide to celebrating an eco-friendly wedding.

By incorporating these ideas, you can plan a grand wedding while keeping your environment healthy. These measures are practical, and effective to make your day special. These eco-friendly wedding setups are simple yet worthy enough to make a bold statement.

1. Digital Invitations

Wedding invites

Opt for digital invitations instead of paper. You can save paper by doing this. If you are fond of paper invitations, try using recycled or handmade paper. These reduce waste and save natural resources. Check out See My Marriage.

2. Green Decorations


Try using biodegradable decorations. Potted plants, solar LED lights, sustainable candles, lanterns, and DIY confetti can make the decoration stand out. Check out HomeHop.

3. Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing

For clothes, try opting for sustainable brands which use recycled materials. When it comes to clothing, there are so many options like renting clothes, using second-hand clothes or buying something that can be worn later. Check out The Loom.

4. Eco-Friendly Tableware

Eco plates

Tableware made from bamboo, porcelain, and steel is considered sustainable. Ditch your regular tableware and use these instead. This is a great way to manage your environmental footprint. Check out Good Earth.

5. Gifts

Planting Trees

You can request charitable donations made to some NGOs as gifts. Come up with unique ideas like planting trees, feeding animals and handmade presents. Check out Foret's gift card

6. Eco-Friendly Fireworks

Eco lights

If you are fond of fireworks, you can still make your wedding grand sustainable. Go for LED fireworks, laser show or solar lights. These will give you the same sensation of fireworks exploding but at the same time keep it environment friendly. Check out Sivakasi.

7. Venue

Eco venue

Choose your wedding venue that has sustainability certifications. You can choose outdoor venues to reduce decorations or places with waste management, solar lighting and other things. 

waste management solar lights solar lighting planting trees sustainable brands bamboo LED fireworks digital invitations