Save the date in style - Ideas for personalized wedding invitations

Explore these diverse ideas to make your wedding invitations classy and have a lasting impression on the guests. Some of the ideas really have our hearts!

Ishita Ghosh
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Wedding Invitation

A wedding is undoubtedly a special time in one's life. From the hassles of the preparation to all the execution on the very day is what makes the day nothing short of an adventure. Check out these personalized wedding invitations to start your preparations on a higher note

The wedding preparation starts with the invitation in the first place. Make the wedding invitation your personal journey that is nothing short of an art. It will reflect your and your partner's personality and act as a prelude to the beautiful day. Here are some ideas for making your personalized wedding invitations.

1. Illustrations

Illustration for wedding invites

Custom illustrations can include portraits of the couple with some of their traits displayed. It can also include a theme and symbolism for the wedding. Check out Rohan & Aparna.

2. Timeline


Timeline is a unique way to include your story to the guests. The timeline can include the couple's love story with important events like the first date, milestones and wedding venues. Check out Victory

3. Map

Map in wedding invites

You can include a map on your wedding card that leads to the venue. It is a creative way to show the location to the guests. It can also include the places important to the couple as well as everybody's favourite food counter. Check out Jimit Card.

4. Writings

Writing wedding invites

Writings can be included in the invitation with quotes and lyrics which are important to the couple. It can be handwritten or printed. Check out Calligraphy Factor.

5. Custom Wax Seals and Stamps


Customs wax seals and stamps could add a sense of personality to the wedding invitation. It can have a symbol significant to the couple or initials of the couple. Check out Swastic Cards.

6. Photographs

Photos for wedding

The invitation can include photographs of the couple, their parents or pets. You can make a collage of photographs showing the journey of the couple as a showreel for the guests. Check out Posh Invites.

7. Themes

theme wedding invites

You can choose a theme for the wedding invitations. Themes like vintage, rustic colour and bold borders make it look timeless, for travel theme, add pictures and monuments from famous places to feel the wanderlust. Check out Lotus Card Studio.

If you found these ideas interesting share them with someone who is getting married soon. 

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