Tying the Knot in Style: A Showcase of Trendsetting Wedding Themes

From forest or bohemian to Bollywood drama, these trendsetting wedding themes will enhance your big day and make it memorable for you and your family!

Ishita Ghosh
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Bollywood Wedding themes

Curate your once-upon-a-time moments with these wedding themes. These themes range from classic to contemporary with quirky elements all over. 

Make your wedding day special with these extravagant themes. Here are some recommendations to arrange your dream wedding with the charm and boldness of your desire. You can go for simple or mix and match different types to get your ideal day. 

1. Forest

forest wedding

You can have your wedding in an actual forest or decorate your venue like one. Incorporate fairy lights, greenery, and floral arrangements to make it realistic. You can keep the chairs and tables wooden to complement the forest look. Add a lot of fruits and vegetables to the menu and a nature-inspired cake. Check out V3 Events.

2. Fairytale

Fairytale wedding

Here decoration takes the spotlight. Stars, moon, constellations, soft drapery etc can be added to make the place look like a fairytale land. You can decorate the venue like a castle and add fairy lights to give it a magical feeling. Embellish the dining area like a banquet to give it a mythical atmosphere. Check out Fairytale Wedding.

3. Movie Inspired

Movie Wedding

No one celebrates weddings like a Bollywood movie. Brides take inspiration from movies for their wedding day. Turn your wedding day into a movie set with this theme. You can take a specific era of Bollywood like the 80's or 90's and make your day look accordingly. My Wedding Planning.

4. Bohemian

Boho wedding

The setting can be in nature or woods. The decorations can contain art pieces, and dreamcatchers and the dress code could be Indo-Western. You can incorporate the works of some local artists with watercolour and acrylic pieces. Engage in some fun with mismatched tableware, flower crowns, and Polaroid pictures as a part of the theme. Check The Wedding Wale.

5. Masquerade


This requires a contemporary setting with bold colours. The decoration needs to have a sense of mystery element to it. You can arrange a candle pathway to bring out the mystery. Keep the menu with historical or Victorian names. Give out decorated masks at the entrance for the guests to wear inside. Check out marriageuana.

6. Monochrome


A theme like monochrome will make your wedding look like an old black-and-white movie. You can choose statement black and white statement centrepieces and subtle solid-coloured drapes and flowers. Use minimalist dining settings and tableware to complement the decorations. Check out 7th Heaven

 7. Carnival

Carnival theme

Combine the aesthetics of a carnival with the wedding. You can arrange rides, food stalls, photobooth, slideshows and much more. Arrange for some performers and a fortune teller to bring out the essence of the carnival. Check out Shaadi Squad.

8. Musical

Music Wedding

Create a concert-style setting with a centre stage where the ceremony will be performed. You can use vinyl records, music notes, mini instrument replicas, and decorations. Order an instrument-themed cake to match the theme. The Event House

9. Mughal Theme

Mughal theme

This theme has a royal vibe and elegance. Incorporate bold colours, vibrant decorations and intricate details as part of your theme. Use heavy chandeliers, and floral arrangements and create archways to make the look wholesome. Keep the menu Mughai to complete the theme. Check Ceremony Secrets by Shuma Nanda.


10. Literary Theme

Literary wedding

This is ideal for book lovers to celebrate your love for literature. Incorporate quotes, book covers, quills and characters in your decoration. You can keep your menu on the names of your favourite writers. Keep books as your centre decoration to match the vibe. Check Estrela Events.

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