Tiramisu in Mumbai: Bet on our tried and tested visits!

We visited these cafes and restaurants in Mumbai and experienced their Tiramisu that we cannot forget. On International Tiramisu Day, let's take a recap!

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With the confluence of international dishes in the Indian cultural cuisines, if we had to name one dessert gaining popularity in the food culture of the metro cities, Tiramisu would find the topmost place! This layered Italian dessert serves as one of the slices of heaven and hence, we are talking about a few such places in Mumbai that offer delectable Tiramisu. 

Stand By Coffee, Worli


While Stand By Coffee impressed us with their crafting of artisanal and uniquely flavored coffees, we couldn't get enough of the Tiramisu there. We thoroughly enjoyed the Tiramisu croissant, which offers an enriching taste experience! You can also opt for the Tiramisu La Fayette, made with pinwheel-shaped Danish, mascarpone cream, and stuffed with eggless espresso sabayon.

Bluebop Cafe, Khar 


There is no doubt that we call Bluebop Cafe, one of the go-to cosy places for Italian and American delights! However, along with the comfortable ambiance, the cafe offers a specially crafted Tiramisu layered with ladyfinger cookies, mascarpone cheese, expresso & Kahlua. Mouthwatering, isn't it? 

Independence Brewing Company, Versova, and Powai


Not only do IBC outlets in Mumbai impress us with their beer, but also with their Tiramisu! The outlets offer Biramisu, a unique take on the classic Tiramisu,  “Pick me up,” where the chef has incorporated beer. They boast their own creamy, rich, and indulgent flavor, with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, cream cheese, beer, sugar, and eggs. As the team says, "It is a dessert loved for its creamy texture and perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness from coffee and cocoa".

Cafe Corra, Oshiwara


As much as other Italian food helps us relish the warm ambiance of Cafe Corra, so does its Tiramisu. Check out their Espresso Tiramisu, a classic combination of mascarpone, coffee, and chocolate mousse and you will like to visit the place again for the dessert!

Woodside Inn, Colaba 



Along with Pizza and burgers, Woodside Inn has also an edge with its Tiramisu which adds an Indian touch to the international dish. The cafe offers desserts like Mango and Pistachio Tiramisu which is nothing but a feast for the senses!

Si Nonna's, Lower Parel


While you might know that Si Nonna's is popular for their pizzas, let us tell you their dessert best-seller, Tiramisu! As we tasted it, it did not fail to impress us. The tiramisu melted in our mouths with a burst of flavours of mascarpone cream, Savoiardi biscuits, espresso, and rum. And sometimes, that's all you need!

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