Bengaluru Based, The Kind Roastery & Brewroom's Monsoon Coffee Brews for Every Palate

The Kind Roastery & Brewroom's Monsoon brews has flavors from the refreshing Kafe Tonic to the indulgent Banoffee Latte.

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The Kind Roastery & Brewroom, Bengaluru announced its latest offering, the 'Monsoon Coffee Brews', designed to delight the taste buds of coffee enthusiasts with a diverse range of flavors.

From the refreshing Kafe Tonic to the indulgent Banoffee Latte, these new creations promise to take coffee lovers on a delightful journey of taste and aroma. For those seeking a revitalizing twist, the Kafe Tonic presents a harmonious blend of tonic and ice topped with a shot of perfectly pulled espresso. The Coconut Cold Brew infuses the rich flavor of coconut into the brewing process. The creation of Banoffee Latte combines the sweetness of caramelized banana and toffee with the cafe's signature blend of high-elevation coffees. Rounding off the collection is the Coffee Cookie Dough Shake, a treat that satisfies both coffee and dessert cravings.


There are various other confectioneries like Bon Bon, made from layers of velvety condensed milk, robust espresso, and ethereal milk foam. One can also try Pistachio and Berries Cake, and Florida Key Lime Pie for a sweet indulgence. 

Founders Arjun Shhetty & Pallavii Gupta, expressed their excitement about the Monsoon Coffee Brews, stating, "We've meticulously curated this collection to cater to the diverse preferences of our patrons. Whether you're an aficionado seeking new dimensions of coffee or someone exploring the world of flavors, these brews have something exceptional to offer."





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