Try these Summer Special Tempting Fusion Drinks!

Summers are getting harsher every year and nothing beats the heat like a thanda thanda drink. To cope with the rising temperatures, try these tempting drinks and stay hydrated.

Aditi Nag
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It is essential to stay hydrated and fresh in this scorching heat with the exhaustive workload. And with refreshments, taste is a must. Here we suggest some refreshing drinks to try this summer with a fusion that you must try.

Jamun Shots


The Indian Blackberry or Java Plum shots became viral, while being sold on the streets of Mumbai. People continue to show it love due to its unique flavour and taste. It is a trendy, easy-to-make, non-alcoholic fusion drink.

You just have to de-seed the fruit (jamun) and use the pulp, Grind it coarsely with sugar, rock-salt and ice-cubes. Add pudina for a refreshing flavour. The addition of mint leaves also contributes towards the cooling process.

Coat the brim of the shot glass with lemon juice and rock-salt add the jamun puree and enjoy it cool.

Orange Sunset Mocktail


This Orange Sunset Mocktail gives you summery vibes. The vibrant colours are just eye-pleasing and so tempting that you can't resist taking your eyes off.

You will need watermelon, orange and lime juice. Rub the rim of the glass with lime and coat it with either sugar or salt. In the glass, squeeze some lemon and add mint leaves. Add crushed ice and plain soda of your choice. Make sure you tear the leaves directly with your hands. Pour the juices gently one by one so that they form layers that remain undisturbed so that colours are visible.

Put a slice of lemon on the rim and enjoy your drink!

Cucumber Lemonade


This unique fusion of cucumber and lemonade can make your summer refreshing. This 4 ingredient drink will not take a lot of effort, it is so quick that you'll remake this all summer.

You just have to make a sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water together. Let it cool down at room temperature. Grind a smooth puree of cucumber and strain it to remove the solid particles. Simply add the sugar syrup, a few drops of lemon and ice. To add an extra burst of flavour to your cucumber lemonade, consider infusing the lemonade with fresh herbs like mint, basil, or thyme.

Enjoy your drink by decorating your glass with a slice of cucumber and lemon.

Chaas Soda


Folks, chaas is very traditional and we came across this amazing drink prepared in an unique manner. Chaas Soda is something different you can try this summer.

Take dahi and whisk it to break the lumps. Then add jeera powder, kala namak, sendha namak, jaljeera, and coriander leaves. Lastly, the main ingredient, top it with soda and mix well, and garnish it with pudhina and coriander leaves. 

Serve it cool in tall glasses and sprinkle some jeera powder on top.

Gulkand and Strawberry Milkshake


Gulkand and Strawberry Milkshake is not only refreshing and flavourful but also acts as a natural coolant because of Gulkand. 

Though it's a summer season you might not find fresh strawberries. Don't worry, you can substitute it with strawberry powder. Blend it by adding add milk, gulkand, fresh heavy cream, strawberry powder or fresh strawberries. Your milkshake is ready. It looks incredible if you garnish it with slit almonds and pistachio.

Gulkand is immensely beneficial when it comes to summer drinks. So, don’t skip this item. Serve it cool.

Paan Shots


Paan Shots are super tasty and you'll encourage your family and guests to try them at least once.

Soak sabja seeds until they've bloomed. Take a blender and add beetle leaves and water ot it. Strain and remove the solid particles. Add the extract of beetle to almond milk and stir well. Add sabja and gulkand, rose syrup or rooh afza. Add chopped nuts or dry fruits.

Serve it cool in shot glasses or tall glass as a milkshake. Enjoy your drink.

Cranberry Kiss


This exciting drink will keep you hydrated and refreshing throughout the summer. A good recommendation for house parties.

Extract cranberry juice and orange juice. Add small, roughly chopped ginger for a punch. Then add crushed ice, a few cubes of ice and slices of cranberries.

The little tangy and little sweetness of this drink is perfect, we get an amazing summer drink that can easily freshen you.

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