Stand By Coffee: Five reasons to visit this next coffee hotspot!

From flavourful coffee variants to delicious dishes and aesthetic ambience, Stand By Coffee based in Worli is serving the interests of coffee-lovers and workaholics!

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Looking for a new coffee place for some relaxing time? Well, there is a new conceptual coffee place in the town to solve your search for the place and quench your thirst for the beverage. Started two months back in Worli, Stand By Coffee is brewing as the new hotspot for caffeine lovers! Here's why you should visit the place! 

1. Experiencing the three-method coffee process 


Why just visit and sip coffee when you can actually involve yourself in experiencing the coffee-making? You might like to taste the two versions of the filter coffee served here - both hot and cold which is called, 'Filter Coffee on the Rocks'! "We always recommend people to go for both, especially, the latter," Harsh, the Head of Operations says. Along with this, enjoy the manual brewing coffee as the outlet offers 4 coffee variants whereas the brand has 7 coffee beans which are served in a different kind of beverages. The ground floor of the outlet is filled with this enriching experience! We enjoyed the tropical Brew beans coffee notes: orange + honey = perfect for black coffee lovers! 

2. Peaceful space to work


If you are looking out for a place from where you can work and focus on your to-do lists, then, your problem is solved with Stand By Coffee! Being perfect to suit the work environment, this space also has a bookshelf and comfortable furniture. You can sit here for meetings while the charging spots near your table pave the way to a smooth workflow. 

3. Aesthetic spot for pictures


For all those looking for an Instagrammable place for good pictures, a visit to Stand By Coffee will serve the best! While each corner of the place has warmth and entails cosy vibes, these corners also provide an aesthetic spot for some amazing pictures! 

4. Lip-smacking food 


If you are here, don't forget to try their best-sellers like the Gunpowder Dosas, Kejriwal Dosas, and Mushroom Toastie," Harsh says. "People prefer these the most."

We devoured the Avocado toast, where creamy avocado complements the crunch of the toast, along with Cheese Crumbles, which are creamy and tangy, topped with delicate greens for a vibrant touch. Additionally, we indulged in the popular Gunpowder Dosa, which includes a combination of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flavorful sauces.

5. Gluten-free desserts


Stand By Coffee offers desserts that are gluten-free, except for the Chocolate Fudge. We enjoyed the Tiramisu croissant, the Lotus Biscoff cheesecake with its fresh creamy taste, the Nutella shake, and the Chocolate brownie paired with chocolate conch. You can also try the Death by Chocolate, loaded with nuts, pistachio, and sweet spongy cake, along with a slice of burnt caramel. Like us, you can also taste the Elderflower spritzer and enjoy the day!

So, what are waiting for? This coffee place awaits you! 

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