10 Sattu Recipes to Relish this Summer!

The scorching heat calls for some refreshing Sattu delicacies. Here are 10 Sattu recipes that can be made for breakfast to dinner and for savoury cravings to sweet callings.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Sattu Recipes

Summertime means refreshing and cool food items and what better than recipes made of Sattu for this? For the unversed, Sattu is a flour made from roasted gram (chickpeas), and has been a staple in Indian households, especially for summer in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. Known for its high nutritional value and versatility, Sattu can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes, from refreshing summer drinks to hearty parathas. This article explores a collection of delicious and easy-to-make Sattu recipes, highlighting both traditional favourites and innovative twists that showcase the ingredient's potential. Whether you're looking for a quick energy boost or a nutritious meal option, these Sattu recipes are sure to impress.

Sattu - Archana Kitchen 

First things first, let's start with the recipe of Sattu itself. As mentioned Sattu is not a naturally available food item but is a flour made with channa. The process of making it is not that difficult. This recipe by Archana Kitchen shows that Sattu can be made with 3 ingredients; roasted grams, roasted barley, and wheat. 

Sattu ke Laddoo - Krishna's Cuisine

Sattu in itself is healthy and when made into a laddoo with added dry fruits and other ingredients, it becomes more nutritious. This recipe by Krishna’s Cusine requires Sattu flour, mishri (whole sugar), ghee and dry fruits of your own choice. Check the recipe out. 

Sattu Chilla - Navnita Ki Rasoi

Sattu Chilla can be an excellent breakfast option. It can be easy to make and high in nutrition. This recipe by Navnita Ki Rasoi requires you to use Sattu, suji (semolina), tomatoes, onions, capsicum or vegetables of your choice along with a few spices. Check the recipe out. 

Sattu Smoothie - Skinny Recipes 

Smoothies can be another great breakfast option, especially during summer. This recipe for Sattu Smoothie by Skinny Recipes contains no dairy milk and no sugar which can be a good vegan pick for weight loss. Skinny Recipes uses almonds instead of milk and medjool dates to replace sugar. Check the recipe out.

Sattu Paratha - Amrita Raichand 

Sattu Paratha can be a high-protein mealtime food item. This paratha made by Amrita Raichand has an onion stuffing in it along with various spices like kasuri methi (fenugreek seeds), carom seeds, ginger, chillies, aachar (pickle) masala, chaat masala, salt and haldi. Check the recipe out. 

Sattu Jhor (broth) - My Free Recipes

The above paratha can be served with a vegetable or curry of your choice but you can also check out the traditional Sattu Jhor. Jhor is a broth or curry made with crushed gram flour. The recipe for making it is almost similar to that of a kadhi (a Gujarati dish). Check this Jhor recipe by My Free Recipes. 

Sattu Chass (Buttermilk) - Meghna's Food Magic

After a fulfilling lunch, buttermilk can help in faster digestion of food. You can check out the recipe of Sattu buttermilk or chass by Meghna's Food Magic involving curd, channa, dhaniyapudina leaves, green chilli, jeera powder and black salt to make. Check the recipe out. 

Sattu Barfi - Masala Kitchen 

Why not give our regular mawa or just milk sweet a twist with Sattu Peda or Barfi? If you are craving something sweet during summer, then you can try Sattu Barfi or Peda. Channa is boiled with milk and ground to make a fine paste. Mishri (whole sugar) is used to sweeten it and finally, dry fruits are garnished. 

Sattu Energy Bar - FitFood Flavours

Another rich source of protein and a go-to snack for summer is Sattu Energy Bar. This bar is made with Sattu as the main ingredient along with grated coconut, dates, almonds and ghee. Just pack it light and have it whenever you feel low on energy during summer. Check the recipe out. 


Sattu Sharbat - Swaad Anusaar

How can we end the list of Sattu recipes without mentioning the Sattu Drink or as we famously call it Sattu ka Sharbat? This is one of the most energizing and refreshing summer drinks and is prepared in most households in the north. The process of making a Sattu Sharbat is highlighted by Swaad Anusaar. Check the recipe out.

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