Sante Spa Cuisine: Here's why you should visit this vibrant spot in BKC, Mumbai!

From the bright and colourful space to the healthy twist in the menu, here are all the reasons why you should visit this BKC-based restaurant!

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The bustling neighborhood in the suburbs of Mumbai, Bandra Kurla Complex, is becoming more vibrant and colorful day by day with a blend of various hues contrasting with the grey tones of the corporate buildings that dominate the landscape of the BKC. Another contributing element to this vibrancy is the newly-opened Sante Spa Cuisine, offering Continental, Italian, and Asian food. During our recent visit, we discovered several reasons why this place is a must-visit.

Bright and colourful aesthetics


Sante Spa offers a bright and colorful aura all around. Not only does the interior consist of greens, but also a mix of various bright hues. With the setup of the false balcony, wide glass sloping roofs, and colorful seating areas, the place caters to moods of all kinds. While the seating areas have been well-designed for groups and teams, they also have spaces for smaller groups and couples. What adds to the beauty of the place is the sunset clearly visible from the glass while you sip your drinks!

For fitness freaks


Zucchini Zoddle Hemp Pesto

With its varied and rich menu, we liked the place for its dedication to upholding the essence of healthy food throughout. Be it their Zucchini Zoddle Hemp Pesto, which is tossed in olive oil, spinach, hemp, and cashew cheese sauce, making it a viable choice for vegan and gluten-free, ketosis-friendly food, or their Hummus & Spiced Mushroom Dartine, a thick bread high in protein, we enjoyed our healthy snacks. The latter tasted good with hummus; however, the after-taste is a bit salty. So, if you are a fitness freak looking to hang out with your group, you can give it a try!

Taste within health? Possible!


Avocado Dynamite Sushi Rolls                                         Casablanco Vegano

For a cheat day where you neither want to compromise with health nor taste, Sante Spa Cuisine does not disappoint. We tried their Avocado Dynamite Sushi Rolls, which we found to be a perfect combination of rice sushi made with Asian heritage purple rice turning best with the Wasabi. What we also liked was the Casablanco Vegano, which for us, was a new item to relish with the activated charcoal base, and thin pizza crust that appeared sweet because of the pomegranate. To complement the food, we went with an Anti-Oxidizing drink and a Dark Chocolate Milkshake that you can also try your hands at!

Delectable desserts one can't get enough of!


If you could have another reason to visit this place, let us suggest it to be for the desserts! We tried A Forest of Chocolate Truffles made with dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate in exotic flavours which we found one of the best to have after the meal. You can also have Salted Peanut Butter Mud Cup which appeals as a good treat for a healthy dessert with almond, peanut, jaggery caramel and more!

So, if you are looking for a spot at Bandra-Kurla Complex, do give it a try!

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