7 irresistible popcorn recipes to try!

Crunch, crunch, and yumm!! If you also love popcorn like us, give these quick recipes a try and turn your basic bowl of popcorn into something fun!

Mishkaat Imrani
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One of the most beloved snacks of all time, popcorn is classic and will always be a favourite. If you are craving some, try these popcorn recipes and munch them while watching the next movie or show!

The right way to eat popcorn is always a fistful of the same in a bite while watching your favourite flick or even when you are hungry and looking for a quick fix. This snack is a hit as it doesn't require a lot of effort and can be prepared in a few minutes. It's your sign that you plan a get-together for an indoor movie marathon with your friends and try these popcorn recipes for the same.

1. Chocolate Popcorn

There are two types of people, one who loves plain and salted popcorn and the other who is a fan of chocolate and caramel. If you are team sweet, then here's a recipe that's simple to follow and will help you get that chocolaty bowl of popcorn.

2. Butter masala popcorn

For those who love chatkhaara, this masala popcorn recipe would be perfect for them. The method is easy and you can also add your own twist to the recipe by adding your favourite spice. Make it spicy or make it tangy as per your liking and enjoy the fistful!

3. Tandoori popcorn

We have mastered the art of using the tandoori flavour in almost everything and anything and it even works out if the ingredients are right (a tandoori cake will definitely be a bad idea)! And so, why not turn your regular popcorn into something interesting? Try this recipe and let us know if you like it.

4. Garlic popcorn

If you also clove garlic and butter like us, this recipe is for you. Made with just 3 ingredients in a pan, this one is our current favorite and tastes great. Do give this a try if you are team garlic.

5. Popcorn chaat

Adding more chatkhaara and fun to your platter, this popcorn bhel looks tempting and we are already salivating. Prepared with the regular bhel ingredients, this one uses popcorn in the place of puffed rice and looks drooling enough to give a toss.

6. Rainbow popcorn

This one is for the kids out there because of how pretty and colourful it looks! Made with food colour, these rainbow popcorn are sweet in taste and looks appealing. Try this if you like sweet popcorn and accompany them with something savoury.

7. Tomato popcorn

We say try this recipe and even add some cheese powder to make it even better. The recipe suggests using tomato ketchup but feel free to try other sauces as well to experiment and come up with your own flavour. Do not forget to tell us how it turned out in the comment section below.

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