Go all things mango with this mango-based food items!

If you are a foodie and on top of that a mango lover, then you would love to scroll till the end of this article as we bring mango-based food items onto your plate.  

Hitanshu Bhatt
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mango-based food items

We know you are already relishing those pulpy-yellow mangoes but to make things more juicy we have got you all things mango from mango chocolate to mango slices and even mango protein powder. Because “aam ka season hai, sab kuch aam ke sath he hona chaiye.” Scroll through the article and let us know if we made you droll over mangoes once again. 

1. Mango Slices from Natch 


If you are a fan of mango slices, then you can check out Thai mango slices from Natch. They are made of tropical Thai mangoes and sun-dried to give you a nice bite-size snack. For a spicy kick, you can grab their Chilli Thai mango slices that are made with hand-picked Thai mangoes, dried and packed with chilli powder. 

2. Mango Pulp from Two Brothers Organic Farms 

two brothers organic farms

We all are fans of mango pulps but sometimes it gets a tedious task to wash mangoes, peel them and then remove the pulp. If you want to save your time and energy, then you can check out the Mango Pulp from Two Brothers Organic Farms. Naturally ripened Mango Pulp is extracted using a Pulp extractor and cooked at 90-100 degrees for an hour; stirring continuously to achieve a thick consistency. The brand says it does not contain any added sweeteners, preservatives, synthetic colours or essence.

3. Mango Chocolate from Ziaho 


What happens when two loves meet together? It forms a mango chocolate. This 55% Dark Milk Mango And Chilli Chocolate from Ziaho can be your next mango-themed find for this season. This bar is made of Alphonso mangoes from Uttar Pradesh and a kick of chillies to fire up your taste buds. The product is also vegan-friendly as claimed by the brand.

4. Mango Plant Protein from Max Protein 

max protein

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love mangoes, this product from Max Protein can be a match made in heaven for you. You can couple your protein powder with mango with this Alphonso mango plant protein. The brand says that each flavour brings you a solid 25g of vegan protein per serving, supported by the goodness of probiotics and enzymes for easy digestion. 

5. Freeze Dried Mangoes from Bonvie 


Bonvie’s Freeze Dried Mangoes give you the enjoyment of mangoes all year round as mangoes are freeze-dried to preserve for up to 24 months. The brand says there are no added preservatives, or sugar and is vegan and cruelty-free as well. 

6. Mango Soan Papdi from Chitale Bandhu 


Sweet mangoes paired with an Indian sweet, can hardly go wrong in taste. One of the favourite sweets Soan Papdi naturally tastes scrumptious but when accompanied with mango, the taste just elevates. Here is your chance to try the mango-flavoured Soan Papdi from Chitale Bandhu this summer season. 

7. Mango Chips from Super Munchies 

super munchies

Time for another chai-time snack but since it's mango season and we are talking about all things mango, it has to be mango chips. The brand claims these mango chips are made using vacuum cooking technology, which helps retain the natural flavours, colours, and taste and has no artificial flavours, colours or added sugar and is a vegan and gluten-free option. 

8. Mango Instant Drink Mix Powder from Ministry of Nuts 

ministry of nuts

This InstaSip Classic Mango Instant Drink Mix Powder can be your go-to option to beat the scorching heat while enjoying your favourite mango flavour. The brand states that this instant drink mix is packed with Vitamins A, C, and Iron. 

9. Mango Spread from Fresh Mills 

fresh mills

Mango Spread from Fresh Mills comes with a fruit content of 65%, khadsari raw sugar and lime juice. The brand claims it has no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives in the spread. Their spreads are handmade in small batches from whole fruits. You can pair this spread with a toast, chappati or Dosa. 

10. Mango Fruit Bars from Trick or Treat 

trick or treat

These fruit bars are sure to transport you to your childhood. You can try this variety pack from Trick or Treat which consists of 100% natural Sweet-Sour Mango, Chatpata Kacha Aam and Tangy Imli as said by the brand. They say it's a traditional authentic family recipe shared by Nani for everyone to enjoy.

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