Make delicious desserts with seasonal fruits

Add these fruit desserts like Pear Halwa and Pomegranate Shrikhand to your meal and refresh your taste buds. The recipes are perfect for gatherings as well as cosy evenings alone.

Ishita Ghosh
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Winter Fruits

Winter brings an array of different fruits that have essential nutrients to keep your body healthy. This winter, give your fruit platter a twist by making desserts with seasonal fruits.

These sweet treats have a natural sweetness and all the flavours of winter. The dishes take you on a culinary adventure and ease your taste buds. Try these desserts with seasonal fruits in the comfort of your home. 

1. Apple Pudding

Apple is an important ingredient of the season. This pudding is made with apples, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and eggs. The spiced aroma and flavours bring out the essence of the season. Check out Spice India. 

2. Orange Cake

Orange cake is made with orange zest, butter, flour and other ingredients. You can use nuts, orange juice, and chocolate syrup for added flavours. This has a combination of citrus and sweet taste which feels refreshing. Check out Manjaris Recipe.

3. Pear Halwa

Made with pear, ghee, cardamon and nuts as basic ingredients, this dessert is a different take on your regular halwa. The recipe is quite simple and you can enjoy the taste of pear in this desi recipe. Check out Cook with Poonam. 

4. Chikoo Barfi

Chikoo is known for its health benefits and immunity-boosting properties. Made with ripe chikoo, khoya, cardamon, and ghee this recipe is sweet and creamy. Check out Zala's Kitchen.

5. Pineapple Rabri

This recipe gives a different taste to the sugary sweetness of the traditional rabri. This dessert combines the tropical flavour of pineapple with the creamy rabri. Check out Masala Kitchen.

6. Kiwi Icecream

Made from the tangy flavour of kiwi with the richness of milk. This recipe is the ultimate way to enjoy the cool and creamy combination of kiwi and milk. You can add lime juice for added flavour. Check out Shikha's Kitchen.

7. Pomegranate Shrikhand

This is a simple recipe but tastes delicious nonetheless. This is made with strained yoghurt, sugar and pomegranate seeds. You can add cinnamon, nuts, or saffron according to your preference Check out Sister's Cookbook.

8. Strawberry Pudding

Strawberries are known for their deliciousness. Strawberry pudding has different varieties. It can be made with egg yolk, butter and milk or keep it simple with layers of jelly, custard and whipped cream. Check out Meghna's Food Magic.

9. Grapes Jello 

Give your grapes an Indian twist by creating this dessert. This looks all greeny and has a jelly texture. You can add seeds and nuts for different flavours. Check out Nirmala Nehra. 

10. Goan Perad

Made with guavas, this is a classic Christmas sweet. Although the original ingredients are guava, sugar, lemon and butter, you can add items to your liking. Check out Home Food Jovita Noronha.

11. Papaya Kheer

Give a tropical flavour to the sweetness of the kheer. You can add saffron, cinnamon, ghee and almonds for flavour and garnishing. Check out Banglar Rannaghor.

12. Anjeer Katli

This is made like kaju katli but with figs. You get the deliciousness of the katli while enjoying the rich flavours of the fig. Check out Priyashii's Kitchen. 

13. Cranberry Chocolate Truffle Balls


This feels like a treat in the mouth. Combined with the creamy chocolate and tart cranberry, this is a delight. Check out Meghna's Food Magic.

14. Sitaphal Rabdi

This is made with the amalgamation of sitaphal and rabdi. You can add saffron, cardamom or nuts to bring out the flavours even more. Check out NishaMadhulika.

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