4 Kunafa Spots in Kolkata to quench your cravings for Kunafa!

Whether you are a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine or just an enthusiast looking to try this savoury sweet Arab Delicacy, you are surely in for a treat.

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Slurp! Slurp! Keep scrolling below to find out Kunafa spots in Kolkata! 

The Kunafa or Knafeh is a popular Middle Eastern dessert variety. It's an Arab dish with its origins going back to the medieval ages. The Kunafa is a kind of pastry soaked in sweet syrup and usually made with dry fruits, nuts, cheese, and cream. Well, apart from the history and preparation, one thing is for sure the dish is delicious and popular among many food enthusiasts. So, to quench the sweet cravings of Kunafa fans, we bring you a list of 4 spots in Kolkata to get your hands on this Middle Eastern Desert.

1. The Baklava Box

Kunafa Spots


The Baklava Box owns a chain of confectioneries across Kolkata. They serve Turkish sweets, gourmet desserts and delicacies. They offer a wide range of Kunafa recipes and dishes made with Kunafa. Classic Kunafas are made with dry fruits like almonds, cashews and pistachio, along with unique recipes like Kunafa finger rolls and Kunafa cones. For those who find it hard to choose a single variant of Kunafa, they may have a solution for you. The assorted Kunafa box comes with 4 types of Kunafa in one box that too for a reasonable price. Get your assorted pack Middle Eastern treat at any one of their outlets or order online. If you live outside of Kolkata or even outside India, you can still get a taste of the Kunafas from The Baklava Box as they deliver their products worldwide.

Address: 12, City Road, Kankurgachi, Kolkata.

2. Barkaas Arabic Restaurant



Together with a warm ambience and tasteful decor, Barkaas Arabic Restaurant brings you Authentic Arabic specialties like Mandi Biryani, Skewers, Turkish Grills and Kunafas. They are one of the popular places in Kolkata to get Arabic food and are known for its Middle Eastern dessert dishes especially, Kunafa.

Address: 147, Mother Teresa, Sarani Mullic Bazaar, Beniapukur, Kolkata.

3. Al-Luqma restaurant

Al mulaq


Al-Luqma restaurant is an Arabian Mandi-style restaurant at Mahatma Gandhi Road in Kolkata. It serves Arabian, Lebanese and Mughlai Food and is known to have a pleasant ambience and classy Arabian court-room style decor which makes you feel as if you have entered a medieval Arab feast. The Kunafa here goes well as a dessert after having a Kebab or Mandi Biryani. The food here is also quite reasonable compared to other places. It is close to Sealdah station making it a convenient place for tourists. 

Address: P-20, CIT Rd, Sealdah, Entally, Kolkata.

4. Sufi palace

Sufi Palace


This Mughlai restaurant in Kolkata offers a brightly lit ambience in a modern dining space. Sufi Palace specializes in many dishes like Tikkas, Chaaps, Kebabs, Biryanis and Kunafa. Try the spicy Murg Mussalam or Kebabs and finish with deliciously sweet Kunafa as dessert.

Address: 113, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, College Street Market, College Street, Kolkata.

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