Mysore Man, Eat Raja Claims to Own India's First Zero-Waste Fruit Juice Shop!

This man is getting attention for his unique juice-selling skills and his zero-waste fruit juice shop. Here is the unique business model of Eat Raja from Bangalore.

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Eat Raja

Credits: Kaheej Times

India is known for its jugaad and this man from Mysore, Karnataka has come up with yet another hack that is sustainable and healthy. Eat Raja owns a business which he claims to be India’s first zero-waste fruit shop. He makes juices using a bicycle and not electricity. He has set up a simple mechanism on his bicycle where a mixer jar is attached to the carrier of the cycle. Fruit pieces are added to the jar and it is peddled to get fresh juice without using any electricity. The most fun part about it is even the customers get to ride the bicycle and make their own juice. 

This bicycle produces various types of juices like dragon fruit juice, a fusion of apple and kiwi, pepper mausambi (sweet lemon) juice, watermelon juice and various other options. The menu is updated every few hours on a board next to his cycle shop. But making juice without plastic is just one part of sustainability. Raja is a true eco-warrior and aims to curb the use of plastic so he sells the juice in the shell of the fruit. This eliminates the use of plastic and solves the problem of water and food waste. The fruits are completely utilized and there is no need to wash the glasses. The fruit cups are even biodegradable so there is no chance of harm to the environment. 

The Instagram page of Eat Raja also displays the owner's active engagement in water conservation drives and eco-conscious practices. His popularity brings him a huge amount of crowd to witness his marketing tactics and ecological practises, making Eat Raja Juice Centre a popular spot for locals and tourists to visit in Mysore. 

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