Bengaluru gets its newest restaurant ‘Idylll’ that serves regional Indian plates and craft cocktails

Idylll, a new restaurant in Bangalore celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian culinary heritage, offering dishes from the vibrant states of Rajasthan, Kashmir, Lucknow, Orissa, and Maharashtra.

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Brace yourself for a culinary and mixology revolution as Idylll emerges as the new age destination for all the food enthusiasts and drink connoisseurs seeking an unparalleled gastronomic experience by One Window Hospitality. Opened its doors on 30th May in Bangalore's Indiranagar, Idylll invites its customers to step into a delectable world where every bite and sip tells a tale of India's rich heritage and culinary creativity.

The Idylll Theory, conceptualised by Envelop, is a culinary philosophy that celebrates the essence of Indianness through a holistic sensory experience. It's not just about sustenance but a journey from Raw to Rich and an art form that engages all five senses- not just through the surroundings but also through the exquisitely crafted cuisine. The Idylll experience features finer attention to detail from the earthy aroma, fermentation-inspired menu, cigar bar, live cooking and fusion entertainment, to signature drinks, dips and dishes, and fun activities for the kids- making Idylll an all-inclusive space.

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The five circles in the logo resemble the rings of a tree trunk, symbolising Idylll’s commitment to tradition through food and beverages. The transition from the outermost to the innermost ring signifies the journey from raw, traditional roots to the exquisite dining experience. Much like the lazy ageing process of a tea trunk, the culinary creations are not rushed, allowing the flavours to develop and mature while creating dishes that are layered with complexity and nuance. exquisite.


Paying homage to the celebratory structures in Jaipur, the space designed by The Purple Ink Studio, is enshrouded in a semi-transparent layer, subtly reflecting the vibrant hues and intricate details of the city’s heritage. The dining spaces are divided into two levels with fine dining at the lower level encompassing a culinary journey. The monolithic monotone walls are planned to be the main protagonist elevating the dining experience and creating a sense of intimacy. The subdued colour palette allows the focus to remain on the artistry of the cuisine. The textures are further enhanced by wall Frescoes and art adding a window into the cultural narrative.

As you burrow through this interplay of textures and brown tones, the cocktail room on our first floor is where you’ll find yourself enveloped by the glorious din of the city and its people. An open circular island bar washed in softly textured hues will be at the epicentre of it all, as mixology and our love for craft cocktails are brought to the forefront. The whiff of freshly stirred cocktails with regional Indian ingredients at the helm, the music, the lights, and the coolness of marble and stone balanced against the warmth of wood and terracotta will make this floor ground zero for guests to enjoy a truly indulgent and satiating evening.

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Drawing inspiration from the essence of fermentation, a cornerstone of Indian cuisine often overlooked in restaurant settings, the culinary team has artfully crafted a menu that pays homage to this age-old technique. From the tang of handcrafted pickles to the complexity of kombuchas & drinks, every offering at Idylll speaks temptingly to the gut-friendly food seeker within all of us. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or a unique experience seeker, Idylll pleases the palate of one and all with dishes from the vibrant states of Rajasthan, Kashmir, Lucknow, Orissa, and Maharashtra. Complementing the dining experience is the meticulously crafted cocktails, designed to elevate the senses 

Jai Sharma, MD at Envelop and co-founder of Idylll, said, “The biggest and most fascinating challenge we faced when envisioning Idylll was crafting a space that puts a light on Indian cuisine from a very different angle. For this, we brought the age-old theory of fermentation to the forefront, while making people hit the notes of nostalgia and bringing them closer to the rich rawness of nature via colours and vibe, throughout the entire experience.” 

Co-founder of Idylll, Namokar Jain said, “After successfully running multiple restaurants and lounges in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Bangalore felt like a great opportunity as well as a challenge because of it interesting demographic that is up for new adventures.”

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