Make Ice Cream at Home with Different Styles and Flavours

From childhood nostalgia with a lick of matka kulfi to everyone's favourite choco bar, here are a few ice creams that you can make at the convenience of your home.

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Homemade ice cream is a delightful treat that brings a sense of nostalgia and joy with every scoop. Unlike store-bought varieties, crafting ice cream at home allows for endless customization, from selection of the finest ingredients to the creation of unique flavours tailored to personal tastes. This artisanal approach not only ensures a fresher, more natural product but also turns the process into a fun and rewarding culinary adventure. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, making your own ice cream opens up a world of delicious possibilities that are bound to impress family and friends alike. Here is your guide to making ice cream at home in different ways and flavours.

1. Custard Vanilla Ice Cream - CookwithParul

This custard vanilla ice cream is made only of milk and contains no whipped cream, condensed milk, corn starch, egg, GMC or CMC powder. Check out the recipe by CookwithParul. 


Matka Kulfi - Anyone Can Cook with Dr.Alisha 

We all are a fan of matka kulfi and the fun of having it during a summer afternoon from a kufliwala bhaiya hits you different. But if you want to have the same fun in the comfort of your home, you can check this badam matka kulfi recipe by Anyone Can Cook with Dr.Alisha which contains no condensed milk, milk powder or cream.

Another popular street-style ice cream is the roll cut kulfi. This cut kulfi is made with milk and added flavours of elaichi. It also gives an added flavour of cashews, almonds and pistachios, adding a crunch to the soft ice cream. Check out the recipe by Deepa & Kitchen. 

Soft Serve Ice Cream - Hemanshi's World

Kulfi and cut ice creams are common homemade ice creams but have you ever tried making a soft serve ice cream at home? This is made with milk and vanilla or chocolate flavour without eggs. The recipe by Hemanshi's World also shows the recipe to make a cone for the soft serve. Check the recipe out. 

Choco Bar - Bristi Home Kitchen

Raise your hands if you are a fan of choco bar. I bet many of you did. If you want to make a market-like choco bar at your home, this recipe can be your saviour. This is simple and easy to make with just chocolate biscuits, milk and a few ingredients. Check the recipe by Bristi Home Kitchen. 

Mango Ice Cream - Shweta's Kitchen

Mango season calls for a mango ice cream. This is a soft and creamy ice cream made with milk and mango pulp. We mean what else is required to have two of your summer favourites in one dish? Check out the recipe by Shweta's Kitchen.


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