Vrat ke pizzas to sama ke chawal ke momos, check out these fusion Navratri fast recipes

Here is a recommendation of Navratri fast recipes like Sabudana Waffle and Sabudana Sandwich that can satiate your fast food cravings and give you a healthy kick during fasting.

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Navratri fasting recipes

Why not give your fasting food a modern fusion this Navratri? We all crave good food during fast but having our favourite fast food dish can really be a hurdle due to the limitations of ingredients to use for cooking. Worry not anymore as we bring to you some of the mouth-watering and easy-to-make Navratri fast recipes. Scroll for a yummy and healthy drool. 

Sabudana Waffle

Start your vrat day fasting with a special breakfast. These waffles are made with sabudana (tapioca pearl) and mashed potatoes batter as the base which is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Top it with runny peanut chutney and strawberry. Check out Tasty Bytes with Shubhi's recipe for the same. 

Ragi Banana Pancakes

Another fasting breakfast recipe you can try is the Ragi Banana Pancakes. We all love soft and fluffy pancakes so why miss them during fasting as well? This pancake by My Little Moppet is made with banana, ragi flour and whole wheat flour with a little honey and banana on the top. 

Farali Nachos with White Sauce

When you are hungry during your fast, what would you have for snacks? A farali nachos maybe? Here's a fusion fasting recipe for vrat special nachos by Sattvik Kitchen. The nachos are made with vrat ka aata (flour) and the thick white sauce is made with sabudana powder and milk. 

Samak ke Chaval ke Momos

Ever tried momos made with samak ke chawal?. This is a fasting recipe for momos made with samak ke chawal (Barnyard millet) flour. For the stuffing, Saukhushi Creations has used potatoes, peanut powder and grated paneer. The momos are nicely paired with coriander, chillies, curd chutney and cashew mayonnaise. 

Farali Pizza 

If you are craving pizza during your fast, you can try this recipe by RELICIOUS - the sabji queen. For the farali pizza base, she has used samak ke chawal flour and potatoes. For the pizza sauce, you can take ginger, potatoes, black pepper, tulsi leaves, a bit of curd or lime juice and chilli flakes or you can replace dal chini in place of it. And for the toppings, you can use any vegetables that you can have during your fast.

Sabudana Sandwich 

If you want a quick and tasty recipe for a fasting dish, you can try these vrat special sandwiches. The bread is made with sabudana and potatoes and for the stuffing tomatoes (if you have them during the fast) and paneer(if you eat during fast) are used by bharatzkitchen. This is a toasted sandwich and can be paired with peanut or coriander chutney.

Singhada Salad 

One quick and healthy recipe for fasting can be a singhada (water chestnut) salad. This salad by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is simple and delicious to make. Simply take a few sliced water chestnuts, cucumbers, mint, coriander leaves, crushed dried red chilli, peanut powder, and some spices and mix them well together and your water chestnut salad is ready. 

Singhada Patties 

For a singhada (water chestnut) patties, you need singhada flour, boiled potatoes and coriander along with a few spices to make tikkies out of it and fry them in a pan. Serve it with curd, raita, or peanut chutney. Check out this recipe by Alpana Maushmi to make it at your home this Navratri. 

Vrat Special Pasta 

These pastas are made with potatoes and can be easily available in the market as Radha Madhav Pasta in Iskon temple or any general store. For sauce and topping, you can use paneer, carrots, tomato puree and a few spices that can amp up the taste of your vrat special pasta as recommended by Radha Rani's Kitchen. 

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