Silsila of Flavors: Experience Dawat-e-Kashmir at The Orchid Hotel

The Orchid Hotel in Mumbai is hosting ‘Dawat-e-Kashmir,' a sizzling Kashmiri food festival hosted by culinary expert Aparmita Sapru from 5th to 7th July.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Dawat e Kashmir at The Orchid Hotel

The food Kashmir food festival will feature the Kashmiri cuisine curated by culinary expert Aparmita Sapru. The menu hosts a variety of dishes such as the Kashmiri Kahwa which is a brew of spices, saffron, and almond slivers. The starters feature Mutton & Chicken Shami Kebabs and Kabargah, a mutton chaap marinated in whole spices and milk and deep-fried. Vegetarians, the hotel has got you covered too. Dive into the Nadru Kebab, a delightful lotus stem dish infused with traditional spices or Rajma Kebab, crafted from kidney beans and Kashmiri spices and Dum Aloo, where potatoes are fried and seasoned just right.

Dawat-e-kashmir menu

As you move to the main course they have Yakhnis – with choices like nadru, mutton, and chicken. Then there’s the Mutton Rista, with hand-pounded mutton balls, and the tender Chicken Kaliya simmered in golden gravy.

End your meal on a sweet note with the creamy Phirni, a thick rice pudding garnished with dry fruits, served chilled or try the Modur Pulao, sweet saffron-flavoured rice cooked with an abundance of dry fruits.

Where: Boulevard, The Orchid Hotel Mumbai, Vile Parle, Mumbai

When: Dinner, July 5 and July 6, 2024. (7.00 pm onwards). Sunday Brunch, July 7, 2024. (12.30 pm onwards)

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