Unveiling the Brands owned and invested in by Alia Bhatt!

She shared this news on her Instagram handle where she penned, " And I'm happy to announce....PRODUCTION!! Eternal Sunshine Productions. Let us tell you tales. Happy tales. Warm and fuzzy tales. Real tales. Timeless tales.”

Aditi Nag
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Today, actors are broadening their horizons by delving into business investments, thereby expanding their portfolios and increasing their net worth. Indian celebrities have discovered a lucrative niche with emerging homegrown brands, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership. Alia Bhatt, a prominent figure in the startup scene, is no exception. 

We've witnessed Alia Bhatt's journey in the glamour world, and now she's gracefully embracing motherhood. While efficiently juggling roles, she also manages several businesses. From establishing her own production house to owning a clothing brand and holding stakes in various other brands as an investor, Alia Bhatt has truly emerged as a new entrepreneur.

Keep scrolling to learn about the brands and businesses in which Alia Bhatt owns and invests!

1. Ed-a-mamma:


The Mumbai-based start-up was founded by Alia Bhatt. It is a conscious clothing brand for children and promises to care for The Planet and children. It was established in the year 2020, self-funded by Alia Bhatt and Eternalia Creative & Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. is the legal name.

2. Phool. co:

Source, a company backed by IIT-Kanpur and founded in 2017, is a D2C wellness company with a primary focus on circular economy principles. They specialize in transforming floral waste into luxurious incense products, free of charcoal. In October 2021, it was announced that Alia Bhatt had become an investor in The company recently raised $8 million, with Alia Bhatt leading the investment round.

3. Nykaa:


Nykaa was established in 2020 as an Indian e-commerce platform offering beauty, wellness, and fashion products. Alia Bhatt was an early investor in the company, investing Rs 4.95 crore. Her investment proved lucrative, with her return reaching approximately Rs 54 crore at the time of Nykaa's blockbuster public listing.

4. Super Bottoms:


Alia Bhatt has been an investor in Super Bottoms since July 2023. Super Bottoms, a D2C baby and mom care brand founded in 2018, focuses on sustainability. Although the details of the deal remain undisclosed, Alia Bhatt's involvement extends beyond investment as she becomes the brand ambassador.

5. Style Cracker:


In November 2017, Alia Bhatt took her love for fashion one step further and initially associated with Style Cracker. While the details of the deal remain undisclosed, she acquired a minority stake in this fashion-tech startup. Style Cracker is an online platform that offers personal styling services by a team of expert stylists who curate looks based on individual preferences. There are no latest updates regarding the brand.

6. Eternal Sunshine Productions:


In 2021, Alia Bhatt established her production house, Eternal Sunshine Productions, marking her debut as a producer with a focus on creating 'happy films.' She excitedly shared this news on her Instagram handle, writing, "And I'm happy to announce....PRODUCTION!! Eternal Sunshine Productions. Let us tell you tales. Happy tales. Warm and fuzzy tales. Real tales. Timeless tales." The production house is led by directors Soni Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt.

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