Did you notice these unique water tanks in Punjab in SRK'S Dunki?

You might have noticed Shah Rukh Khan do the hook step of the Lutt Putt Gaya song on an aeroplane and if you thought that was a prop for the movie, let us tell you, you have been mistaken

Hitanshu Bhatt
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SRK's Dunki, a comedy-drama film based on the ambitions of a group of friends features some unique water tanks in Punjab and they are not just the props for the movie.

As Shah Rukh Khan ends his streak of movies in 2023 with his last release of the year Dunki, which is based on "donkey flights", an illegal immigration technique, we noticed something that might have caught your attention too. The film is mostly based in Punjab and showcases the beauty of the villages in the State. These villages have some unique water tanks that are visible in the trailer and if you are thinking about the purpose of these tanks, your search ends here. 


If you have watched the Drop 2 video of the Dunki movie, which features the hopeless romantic song Lutt Putt Gaya, you might have noticed Shah Rukh Khan does the hook step of the song on an airplane. If you thought that was a prop for the movie, let us tell you, you have been mistaken. The Airplane is actually a water tank in Punjab and it's not just for the show. 

Just like this airplane and the football in the video, many villages in Punjab have these quirky figures and statues on the terrace of their houses. You will find the rooftops with statues or figures of a military tank, the Statue of Liberty, tractors, bodybuilders, bullocks, pressure cookers, sewing machines and even animals and birds. You name any household or commercial thing and you will find a statue of it on at least one roof. 


Many tourists come to the villages of Kultham, Uppal and Jalandhar in the state to witness these artistic portrayals but they are not there only to please people with their appearance and artwork. The figures symbolize the ambitions and desires of the people of that home and portray their aspirations. If there's an airplane on someone's home it is most likely that they want to become a pilet. If there's a military tank, it signifies that one of the members of the family aspires to join the forces or is already in it. Similarly, the sewing machine might say that the family is into the tailoring business. This is the case in most of the tanks but some are designed just for the show or according to the likings of the person. For example, a figure of a bird or an animal might be the favourite of that individual or just for the show. So, if you get the chance to design a tank on the rooftop of your house what would it be?

SRK's Dunki unique water tanks in Punjab Dunki Drop 2 video of the Dunki Lutt Putt Gaya