The story of winter petals- Flowers found in different parts of India

These flowers not only attract you with their beautiful appearance & fragrance but also with their deep significance and meanings. From Alyssum to Dahlia, each of them represents something of a kind.

Ishita Ghosh
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Winter Flowers

Winter is the season of a variety of flowers. These flowers are not only gorgeous and fragrant but have a deep significance. Each one has different characteristics that make them unique. 

Whether you are planning to garden yourself or just for gifting purposes, these flowers have various interpretations attached to them for a long time and have been in home gardens in different regions. Here are 7 winter flowers and their significance.

1. Pansy (Viola tricolour)

Pansy flower

These flowers are common in northern parts of India. They have vibrant colours like yellow, violet, white etc. The word comes from the French word 'pensee' which means thought. The flower signifies remembrance of the loved one. 

2. Alyssum

Alyssum flower

These are four-petaled and arranged in clusters. They have lance-shaped leaves. Derived from the Greek word 'Alysson' meaning madness, this flower signifies lasting memories and the hope for new beginnings. The flower has a honey fragrance. It is found mostly in regions with temperate climatic conditions.

3. Dahlia


Dahlias come in various colours like red, orange, purple, yellow and more. They have large flowers with layers of petals. The flowers look elegant in floral arrangements. It represents creativity and inner strength with their beauty. These are found in Udupi, Ambala, Washim and many more cities. 

4. Aster


The flowers have this daisy-like appearance with an array of leaves from the centre. They have shades like pink and purple. In earlier times, aster was used for medical properties like treating skin problems. Aster generally signifies patience and positivity. These are abundant in Himachal Pradesh.

5. Calendula (Pot Marigold)

Calendula pot marigold

The flowers have a bright yellow or orange colour. Calendula is also used in essential oils due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The flower has this cheerful appearance and signifies joy and optimism. Commonly found in Gujarat and Bihar.

6. Petunia

Petunia Flower

Petunia flowers have a funnel or trumpet shape. The flowers have an aesthetic appeal and are used in hanging baskets. The flowers signify resilience and endurance in their ability to grow and withstand different climatic conditions. These are quite common in Bangalore.

7. Chrysanthemum 


The flowers have a wide range of colours like white, yellow, purple and pink. The flowers have petals radiating like rays. They have different meanings around the world but in Asia, it is associated with longevity and optimism. These are found in abundance in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

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