Go Vibrant and Local with these Regional Festivals in India this Summer!

From the Ooty Summer Festival to Ganga Dussehra, summer is much more than travelling just to explore the places. Visit these places to witness the grandeur of cultures and traditions of India that come to life in this season.

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Summer vacations are all about travelling to quaint beaches or serene hills to take some time within ourselves. However, there is another way to make your vacation even more exciting - and, that is by living the authenticity of India's ethnic diversity. While it is nothing but a privilege to belong to a country of culture, you can add to yours by also visiting these regional festivals in India that take place in the summer. Read these out below, and plan your trips accordingly. 

Yuru Kabgyat, Ladakh



Your Leh plans might have been long overdue, but make sure to consider them this summer to also attend the Yuru Kabgyat festival. The annual festival of the Lamayuru Monastery is dedicated to the Buddhist Lord of Death and Guru Padmasambhava. Held on the 18th and 19th of the fifth month of the Tibetan lunar calendar, the festival features Cham routines choreographed based on ancient Buddhist scriptures. Even if you are visiting Leh during other seasons, don't forget to visit the monastery, which resembles a moon-like landscape overlooking the mountains.

When: June 3-4, 2024

Ooty Summer Festival, Tamil Nadu



Nestled in the beauty of the Nilgiris mountains, Ooty should be your destination at least once! So, why not visit during the popular Ooty Summer Festival? You would be amazed to learn that this is a 121-year-old event organized by Tamil Nadu Tourism for almost 16 days every year. Set in the popular botanical garden and around Ooty Lake, the festival comes alive with boat races, cultural programs, and even hot air balloon shows. People flock to this festival in large numbers and also enjoy the flower show organized here, displaying more than 30,000 varieties of flowers.

When: May 17 to 24, 2024. The Flower Show will be held from May 24 to 26.

Moatsu Festival, Nagaland



If you are in Nagaland to soak in some sun amidst the cold weather of the state, make sure to take part in Nagaland’s Mokokchung. This annual sowing festival is celebrated by the Ao tribe who honours their crops. The festival also features Sangpangtu, a bonfire ritual where the locals dress up in their traditional attire and savour wine and the meat. Sounds like a wholesome experience, doesn't it?

When: May 1 to 3, 2024

Ganga Dusshera, Uttarakhand



Planning to go somewhere in the north? Well, what is more beautiful than being in the canopy of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand? So, if you are planning to go to the state, choose between either Haridwar, Garhmukteshwar or Rishikesh because these please witness the culture of Ganga Dusshera, a ten-day period in May or June - depending upon the Hindu calendar - which celebrates the descent of River Ganga from heaven to earth. Upholding this belief, the pilgrims bathe in the river and meditate on the riverbank. You must stop by till the Dashami tithi to enjoy the evening aarti, along with other spiritual travellers!

When: June 16, 2024 (based on the Hindu calendar)

Hemis Festival, Ladakh



Popular for its distinct culture and handicrafts, Ladakh is a one-stop destination for an enthralling trip, especially in summer where you get to see the vibrant celebrations too often every time you step out to travel around. The celebration of Guru Padmasambhava’s birth, the Hemis Tsechu Festival is organised at one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh in Hemis Gompa. You can see the blowing of the Dungchen (a horned instrument) at the beginning of the festival which also features Cham dance aiming to rejoice in the triumph of good over evil. You must sip Chhang, the local liquor popular in this festival and stroll down to see the local handicrafts here!

When: June 10 to 23, 2024

With inputs from Hindustan Times and Times of India.

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