Were we able to escape the Mystery Rooms in Mumbai?

At the Mystery Rooms, Were we able to get the diamond? Were we able to pass through the security and escape? Does the game end here? Read more to check out

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Fascinated by escape room movies? Here's your chance to get a real-life escape experience at Mystery Room Mumbai which will surely get your heads cracking and your nerves pumped up. 

We all have imagined ourselves as a detective or a personal investigator after getting inspired by a movie character. If you want to make this imagination of yours come true, Mystery Rooms Mumbai is there to invoke your inner spy with its different sets of games. Enter a maze of your choice and try to find a way out before you are caught by the deadline of the time. 

We visited the much-talked-about escape rooms and decided to challenge ourselves. Among the various room options available, such as 'Lockout - A Prison Break Challenge,' 'Abduction - The Final Hour,' 'Cabin In The Woods - The Murder Mystery,' 'The Silent Legacy - A Story Untold,' 'A Night in Bhangarh - The Mystery of a Cursed Fort,' and 'The Kon of Kohinoor - A Mission Impossible,' we chose to be like Tom Cruise for an hour and selected 'The Kon of Kohinoor - A Mission Impossible.' In this room, our mission was to rob the precious Kohinoor diamond, which was kept under high security in a London Museum for a day.


Entering the tunnel  

After receiving a briefing from the staff about the game, we were provided with a tool kit. The kit included a fanny pack, a cut-out of the diamond to be stolen, a master key, and a torch. With our tools in hand, we quickly immersed ourselves in our characters, ready to embark on our mission.

The first step involved entering a small tunnel that we had to crawl through to reach the initial stage of the heist. This tunnel led us to a duct with panels secured by nuts and bolts, which held the first clue. As for the details of the clue, we won't reveal them in this article, as we want you to experience the game yourself and let us know if you managed to solve it. After cracking the first code, we unlocked the duct and gained access to the museum, located on the upper side of the duct.

At this point, we felt somewhat at ease because the clues in the first stage were relatively easy to find. However, we soon realized that this was just the beginning, and things were about to become more challenging. Upon entering the museum, we encountered a room filled with numerous codes and clues that left us puzzled. We managed to decipher a few of them, but for others, we had to seek help from our team. Each room is equipped with 'help' buttons that provide hints on a computer screen when you're stuck. It's worth noting that every time you press the help button, two minutes are deducted from your one-hour time limit. Trust us, those two minutes can be incredibly helpful as you progress further into the heist.


It gets tough here

After leaving the museum, you'll enter a cabinet containing some important items (which we can't reveal here) and a world map that holds the code for the next room. This is the point where the game's difficulty level significantly increases. The pressure of time starts to weigh on you, and the clues become more complex. You might find yourself panicking and asking for hints, even when you're close to discovering the solution. In our case, we made the same mistake and later realized that if we had remained calm and persisted for a few more minutes, we could have solved it without assistance. However, time is of the essence, so we swiftly entered the next passage.

Inside the passage, smoke with an unpleasant odor fills the air, and laser lights create an obstacle that you must navigate to reach the other side. Somehow, we managed to cross it, and it led us to the main room where the Kohinoor diamond was stored. Naturally, the passage didn't lead directly to the diamond; we had to crack another code to gain access to the room, which, once again, required some assistance from the team.

Were we able to escape?


This is the part where you really get nervous and the blood starts flowing in your veins because there is a surprise which may shock you. But one thing that doesn't come as a surprise is that the diamond is kept in a glass safe which again needs a code to be opened. We had only 5 minutes of remaining time to crack the code, take the diamond, and run before we got caught by the security at the London Museum. Were we able to get the diamond? Were we able to pass through the security and escape? Does the game end here?

These are the codes for you to crack when you visit the Mystery Rooms. Let us know in the comments because this is an experience to get your adrenaline pumping and let the blood rush through your veins while you apply some brains and get into the character.  

Where: 103, First Floor, Shree Krishna Tower, Opp Laxmi Industrial Estate, Link Rd,

Andheri West, Mumbai.

When: 11 am to 11 pm (All 7 days)

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