Fun Christmas Games for Drinkers and Non-Drinkers at the Party!

Here is a mix of fun Christmas games fit for families, friends, drinkers and everyone celebrating the cheerful festival.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Whether you are a drinker or a non-drinker,\ we have got you a list of fun Christmas games to play at your party and amp up your X'mas and holiday celebrations.

This holiday season make your celebrations even more fascinating with games and fun activities. Here are a few fun Christmas games for the people who drink at the party and also for the people who don't drink at the party because the merrymaking shouldn't stop for anyone.

Fun Games

1. Stack the Cup with a Balloon 

cup and balloon game

This is a simple game that can be played in a pair of two. An equal number of cups are placed on two sides and the competitors get an uninflated balloon. They have to place the balloon in the cup and blow it until it fits enough to hold the glass and lift it. The player lifts the cup without touching their hands and places it into another cup. They deflate the balloon and repeat the process until all the cups are stacked together. The player who completes the task first wins the game. 

Requirements: Cups and Ballons. 

2. Christmas Dance Freeze

Christmas dance freeze game

This game can be played while you are enjoying the music at the party. When all the players are grooving on the songs one person will turn off the music without warning and shout freeze. Everybody freezes in the positions they are in and the person to stop last is out of the game. 

Requirements: Music and Dance Moves. 

3. White Elephant

white elephant

This one is a more exciting version of Secret Santa. Everyone brings a random gift wrapped in a white gift wrapper or a common colour decided by all and places them around the Christmas tree. Then you draw numbers and the person whose number is called out picks up any gift from the pile. For example, number one grabs a present from the pile, then each subsequent player can either steal a gift from someone else or take one that hasn't been chosen. You can either unwrap gifts as you go or all together at the end to keep them guessing.

Requirements: Gifts and Luck 

4. Flip Tac Toe

flip the bottle

This is a face-to-face game where each person gets a chance to flip the bottle turn by turn and whoever lands the bottle straight marks the 'X' or a 'Zero.' The first person to complete the row of either an 'X' or a 'Zero'  wins the game. 

Requirements: Bottle, Pen and Paper or a Device for Drawing. 

5. Santa Hats Cup Stacking Game


This is another fun cup game where you need a few cups and pom pom balls. You need to place the cup and a pom pom on top of it and keep them stacking one by one. Repeat the process until the cup tower topples down and the person gets a punishment. 

Requirements: Cups and Pom Pom Balls 

6. Heads Up


This one is for the cinema lovers. Write the names of classic Christmas characters or any Bollywood characters on sticky notes and have each player paste one to their forehead without looking at what it says. Then, everyone has to help each other guess whose name is on their heads without saying the word. 

Requirements: Sticky Notes and a Pen

7. Collect the Cards

collect the cards game

A game night without a card game? Nah that is a bit difficult. Spread the deck of cards on the floor and blindfold one person. Place a round utensil or a box and give a spatula or any flat tool in the player's hand. The player has to collect as many cards as possible only with the help of that tool and without any support in a minute. The person or the team who collects the most number of cards at the end wins.

Requirements: Cards, Round Utensils or Box, Flat Tool, Blindfolds

Drinking Games

For the ones who prefer drinking at a party, these games are sure to add a buzz and chaos. 

1. Sip and Paint

sip and paint game

After the gang is drunk make them pick up a brush and paint while taking a sip of alcohol every two minutes. This game can be played in versions like a guided sip and paint where one person is blindfolded and the other person guides them to paint a picture or neon sip and paint. 

Requirements: Blindfolds, Paper, Paints, Paint Brushes and other Paint Materials.  

2. The Santa Hat Drinking Game

santa hat game

A drinking game for the Bollywood fans once again. Play a movie or a TV Show and place a Santa Cap on the top corner of the TV. Every time a character comes under that cap everybody takes a sip of their drink. 

Requirements: Santa Hat and Television ofcourse

3. Fingers Drinking Game

Fingers drinking game

This one is a thrilling game about concentration. Place a glass filled with alcohol in the middle of the table, make a circle around it and each player places a finger on the rim of the glass. A designated person counts from three to zero and guesses the number of people who will still have their finger on the glass once the countdown is over. For example, with five people, the person would start the countdown and say "Three, two, one, three." The players have 3 seconds to decide whether they want to keep their finger on the glass or take it off. If the guesser got it right, those 3 people are out of the game according to this example. If wrong, they drink and stay in. The play continues until there’s only one person left. That remaining person finishes the drink that everyone had their fingers on.

Requirements: Glass/Cup

4. Sweater Drinking Game

ugly sweater drinking game

Here a person wears a sweater or a t-shirt with a Velcro dart made on it. The instructions are on the back with the colour: Hit red, share a drink. Hit white, give a drink. Hit green, I drink. Bullseye, everyone drinks. You can buy the sweater here

Requirements: Sweater with a Velcro Dart and Velcro Balls

5. I am at a Party 

group drinking games

You pick any topic or phrase that suits the occasion or whatever you feel. "For example, I am at a party." One person starts the game with the phrase and adds another word or phrase related to the line chosen. For instance, "I am at a party and I am drinking." The next person repeats whatever the previous one said and adds another relatable line or word to it. "I am at a party, I am drinking and I want siders." This chain continues and the person who forgets the sequence or adds a word that is not related to the topic takes a sip of alcohol and is out of the game. 

Requirements: Sharp Brain and Concentration

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