7 Durga Puja Pandals in Delhi that you must visit this time!

From the massive community celebrations of Kolkata in the east to the urban gatherings of Mumbai in the west, Durga Puja is also adored and celebrated in Delhi! Check these out!

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Looking to find popular Durga puja pandals in Delhi, look no further... We have curated a list of 7 Pandals in Delhi and NCR, which are definitely worth a visit.

A visit to a pandal during the Durga Puja festival in India ensures that you will have an enchanting experience indulging in the festival and the vivid culture. From waiting to see the face of the Durga mata idol to getting your hands on the delicious bhog prasad to experiencing the intense dhunuchi dance, taking part in the much-anticipated festive celebration by visiting the pandals is sure to create memories of fun, laughter and joy. Check out our list of 7 pandals in Delhi that you cannot miss! 

1. Paschim Vihar Bengal Association

Paschim vihar


The beautifully decorated Durga puja pandal is organised by the Paschim Vihar Bengal Association to celebrate the culture and bring together the people of Paschim Vihar. The first Durga puja took place in 1983, and there has been no looking back ever since! Along with the special pooja and food arrangements, the pandal is also famous for its cultural shows and competitions. So, when are you visiting? 

2. Delhi Durga Puja Samiti at Kashmiri Gate

Kashmiri Gate


Dating over 100 years, the pandal at Kashmiri Gate is one of the oldest in Delhi-NCR region. What makes the pandal special is that even today, it celebrates the festival traditionally whereas other pandals opt for a more modern approach to decoration and celebrations. You can’t miss the delicious Bengali food and prasad served at the food stalls in this pandal! The evening Dhunuchi dance and Sindur Khela here are sure to catch your eyes. The pandal is located just opposite Indraprastha College for women.

3. Matri Mandir Samity Safdarjung Enclave

Matri Mandal


The pandal of the Matri Mandir Samity is a popular location for devotees and enthusiasts during the Durga puja festival because of its grand celebration style which is complemented by elaborately decorated structures and intense rituals. Located in Safdarjung Enclave, the pandal is arranged by the Matri Mandir Samity, which is a reputed charitable organisation. Other interesting things to look out for here during your visit are the socio-cultural programs, functions and rituals that form an integral part of the Bengali community of Delhi and NCR! Aren't you excited already? 

4. Kalibari, Chittaranjan Park

Kali bari


The Kalibari pandal is arranged inside the Chittaranjan park area which is known as the Mini-Bengal of Delhi. This is because the area hosts more than 8 Durga puja pandals, which makes it a perfect place to do some pandal-hopping. The Kalibari celebrates its 48th year of organising the pandal, this year. The mouth-watering Phol Prasad and Bhog here are a must-have. Be sure to witness the spectacular Shonda Aroti in the morning and don’t miss the Dhunuchi Naach in the evening.

5. Arambaugh, Durga Puja



Completing over 34 years of celebrations which have consistently brought devotees together to celebrate the festival in all its essence, the Arambaugh Durga puja pandal in Paharganj has been set on redefining Durga puja. The beautiful and aesthetically pleasing decorations, tasty Bhog prasad and captivating rituals have made this palace a must-visit during the Durga puja in Delhi and NCR! 

6. Melaground Durga Puja, CR Park.

Mela ground

Another one from Mini-Bengal! Inside a massive space the Melaground the pandal hosts a massive audience of devotees to their durga puja gathering which has made a renowned name with locals and the festival scene in Delhi. This year they are conducting the ceremony for the 48th year. Along with hosting the marvellous celebration of the festival according to different themes every year, they also host many cultural programmes, sports events and games during festival season. This year they also have a karaoke championship. They are also known to take steps towards accessibility as they have special seating arrangements for senior citizens. So, bookmark the place now! 

7. Greater Kailash 2

greater kailash


Among the more recent ones, the pandal in Greater Kailash has just completed 21 years of showcasing and celebrating the auspicious festival of Durga puja in Delhi-NCR. They organise the festival quite creatively by arranging the making and styling of structures, decorations, and idols with different themes, every year. This pandal is made in the Uday Shankar Park area and the visuals, decorations, puja, rituals and not the prasad make it worth visiting! 


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