Garmi ka IIaaj: Desi Jugaad for Summer

Let's cool down on things in this ruthless heat by listing down some of the most interesting makeshifts, our Desi Jugaad, which Indian people have employed for the cheaper versions of gadgets.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Garmi ki chutti, garmi me aam, garmi me shikanji, are everybody's favourites but the actual garmi is something that gets on our nerves. With scorching heat above our heads and the breeze of hot air barging our windows, it gets really difficult to function. But we Indians are known to find innovative ways that are frugal as well. Without getting into the technical terms, let us introduce you to some of the Indian jugaad to beat the heat this summer.

Homemade Matka AC

This viral homemade AC video shows how a simple thing like an earthen pot can be converted into an abetting tool. If you think ACs are an expensive buy, this homemade air conditioner can solve your problem for just Rs. 10.

Homemade Tub AC

This homemade AC is a bit more assiduous as it involves motors but can be a great jugaad for cooling yourself down after coming from the ruthless heat. Check this video out.

Homemade Mobile Cooler 

Not only do our bodies need cooling during summer, but our phones feel the heat as well. To keep them down from heat while playing a game, during heavy usage or while using them under the sun you can make this simple cooling gadget to make at home.

Portable Solar Fan 

This baba went viral with his unique portable fan powered by solar power a couple of years back and even we couldn't stop but admire this jugaad that is easy to carry and solves the problem on the go.

Ice Cold Shower 

This is another video that went viral for its simple yet immediately effective function. This man has placed ice cubs in a strainer and tied it to the shower to get an ice-cold bath. 

Tyre Cooler 

This tyre cooler is yet another jugaad that can be employed if you are looking for a home remedy for beating the heat. 

Homemade Refrigerator 

Need a portable fridge for storing your drinks during summer? Here is a version of a homemade fridge you might be looking for. 

Let us know if you have come across any other jugaad that made you go 'damn'!

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