Yoga Essentials to Check Out if you are a Beginner

You might require Yoga mats, blocks, belts, and much more if you are beginning to practice Yoga. So, check this list out and get everything set in advance!

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This year marks the 10th year of International Yoga Day. So if you are thinking of starting out as well, this is the best time for it. Learn from the qualified practitioners and go ahead. But are you ready to start without these essentials? Well, perhaps, no! So, check these out and be ready for this new journey!

Yoga Mats and Block Sets by Juru


One of the most significant items to have is the mats and this Cotton Square Meditation Mat by Juru is an easy-to-carry cotton meditation mat that comes with a diamond hand-embroidered pattern. It can be best used for practicing any seated asana or also as a plank mat to prevent the elbows from slipping. You can also check out the Juru Plank Grip Mat which does not hurt your elbows and prevents you from slipping when holding an elbow plank. Along with this, you must also check out the Juru Cork Yoga Block Set, which offers good grip, is lightweight, durable, and is naturally antimicrobial. One of the major highlights of these products is that all these are made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Yoga Tops by Tego Fit 


How can it be a good start without the right choice of clothes in place? Well, while choices might be  subjective, we want you to check out the Aura Crop Top which offers comfort with the loose fit and drop armholes. It allows for both breathability and free movement. Probably, this soft experince on your skin might help you ace the journey!

Yoga Pant by Cult Sport


If you want a mix of coziness and elegance, choose the Yoga Flow Pant by Cult Sport. These pants are meant to provide comfort as they are flared and offer easy movements. So, get ready for the transition between asanas and mindful relaxation with the carefree easy pants so that you can just focus on learning!

Yoga Foam Wedges by Wiselife


When starting, you must also have the Yoga Foam Wedges that help you in various asanas and positions. These multifunctional wedges set of 2 by Wiselife have high-quality foam, non-slip grip, and are lightweight and easy to carry. So, discover the power of Yoga wedges and aldo the power of yoga as a practice with it!

Yoga Belts by Kosha 


Yoga belts become essential if you are looking forward to stretching exercises. These organic Yoga belts by Kosha help you stretch deeper. You can correct your alignment and also maintain postures as these are some of the perfect aids for your practice. Do you know? These are made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton and have adjustable metal buckles.

Hermosa Body Oil by Indulgeo Essentials


Hermosa Body Oil is formulated to provide deep hydration, that tends to make your skin feel soft, smooth, and supple. This is particularly beneficial after a yoga session when your skin might feel dry from sweating. Applying Hermosa Body Oil before yoga can help warm up your muscles and joints, making them more flexible and reducing the risk of injury.

Towels by The Summer House


As we are moving towards sustainability, why not opt for such an alternative? Well, check out this handwoven soft bath towel that are made from the lush cotton yarn on looms in Bengal! These are not only dense and soft but also lightweight. So, get ready with this because you will require it after the yoga practice.

Health Bars by NO B.S. Foods 


Along with the positions and the postures, maintaining health with the snacking options is also very important while practicing yoga! Hence, it is time for you to get a nutritious and healthy meal replacement with the health bars by NO. B.S. Foods. As claimed by the brand, these High Protein Bars have no added sugar and do not contain natural flavoring substances. It also adds a mix of amino acid profiles with Whey Protein and Nuts!

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