CarDekho Group expands its portfolio with the introduction of TractorsDekho

TractorsDekho is positioned to empower Indian farmers with information and transparency, simplifying the complex decision-making process regarding farm equipment.

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CarDekho Group one of the leading auto tech & finance platforms announces the expansion of its digital offerings with the launch of TractorsDekho, a comprehensive platform dedicated to serving the informational needs of the farming community and fostering agricultural development in Bharat. 

Building on the success and expertise of CarDekho in providing detailed auto information, reviews, and buying assistance, TractorsDekho is set to revolutionize the agricultural sector by providing a wealth of resources tailored specifically to tractors. With this, CarDekho Group marks entry into the commercial and agricultural vehicle division, targeting the previously unmapped segment of tractors.

"India's agricultural sector is pivotal to our economy and essential for our population. Recognizing the critical role tractors play for farmers and their struggle with limited information, we are now intervening to simplify their research for a tractor by identifying the right choice for them. By closing the gap in information, our aim is to help farmers in their decision journey, thereby fostering rural economic growth across the nation,” highlighted Mr Mayank Jain, CEO, of New Auto, CarDekho Group. 

Tailored for tractor buyers, the platform boasts diverse sections meeting various user needs, delivering refined information in an engaging format. Its digital environment ensures an evolved user experience, serving users with a comprehensive database and intelligent suggestions to satisfy their curiosity. The platform customizes search results based on brand, body, etc. Its extensive network seamlessly connects buyers, sellers, dealers, and service centres, simplifying tractor research. With intuitive search validations and navigation, users enjoy a hassle-free experience, complemented by up-to-date news and expert insights on tractor technology and trends. 

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