Tamarind India: The blend of culture into contemporary work wear for women

Even though the amalgamation of the culture into the prevalence of modernity sounds as contrasting a subject, Tamarind India has been bringing these together with their designs.

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As much as the Indian fashion industry has been embracing Western clothing for almost time immemorial, recent years have also seen an inclination towards the cultural tapestry in the clothing for various reasons. While it is easy to incorporate the cultural highlights in the clothing for various occasions, the challenges come when mixing the fine fusion of culture into contemporary pieces for wearing to the workplace, realizing that Tamarind India stepped foot into the industry in 2022, especially, to aid women whose representation at the workplaces is increasing as ever.


Started by Gargi Sharma as a calculated stride with the fast-growing women's working culture towards addressing this void in the market, Tamarind India, through its online presence, is aiming to work upon the absence of culture and comfort in the workwear industry. This women’s shirt and top wear brand based in Mumbai specialises in workwear and semi-formal attire rooted in heritage and fuelled by a visionary pursuit where the vision is to help women style at workplaces – going beyond the typical dominant colour palette but experiment with their vibrancy and colours while connecting dots between Indian roots and contemporary design. The brand’s work of experimentation with vibrant and quirky colours and designs also aims to bring out the best of the bold and brighter side of working women - the attributes that are nothing but essential for women working across sectors in this country.


Defining cultures through modernity


Even though the amalgamation of the culture into the prevalence of modernity sounds as contrasting a subject, Tamarind India has been bringing these together with their designs. The idea behind its name, itself defines the fact that Tamarind’s unique sweet and tangy spice adds wonderful flavour to the food just like how the brand offers a unique blend of contemporary designs and brings colour and culture to the women work wear segment. With a variety of women’s shirts-tops, what Tamarind highlights the most is how the fusion of a few colours and designs can make the usual shirts stand out.


Being true to its name, the brand draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of India's textile traditions, incorporating traditional weaves, prints, and designs into its collections. Be it their Chevron Prints or Rustic Crust shirts coloured or the Abstract Motifs Radiant Red Shirt and Dress, each garment is a testament to the fine craftsmanship and showcases the deeper connection between the weaver and the piece. Mixing the vibrant hues and the Indian patterns into the contemporary styles of shirts by Tamarind India results in clothing that tells a story, reflecting the cultural diversity and timeless elegance of the Indian subcontinent.

Making its way into work wardrobes


These stories woven by the brand, aim to become the everyday story of the working women. The pieces crafted by Tamarind India are all an ode to the lives of working women who want to pick not just style but also comfort. Along with offering meticulously designed fusions of Indian culture with contemporary styles, hence, the brand also aims to merge culture with comfort for them. From the Whimsical White Shirt Top to the Mighty Maroon Cotton Shirt, the thread of comfort binds all the collections and outshines its designs.

With the rapid growth of all sectors of the economy and the ever-increasing number of women entering all sectors, the fashion industry is eying the demand for women's workwear even in the coming times. And, Tamarind India’s way to contribute to it is definitely with 3Cs – contemporaneity, comfort, and culture.

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